One day, you’ll be surprised. One day, a bolt of blue will hit you. One day, your perspective will change.


And that day has arrived. I never thought I’ll even move forward, or at least this soon. Pain has outgrown my perspective and my character, I thought. But it turns out otherwise.

Today, I can say that I’ve managed to handle my justifiably pissed self. I have outgrown the agony. You’ll know you have moved on when you’re no longer aware of that person’s presence like you did before. You’ll be surprised to see how time can heal you, and how your attitude will change it.

At the end of the day, it’s still upon one’s decision: either to “prolong the agony” or just continue to live life and love everyone who loves you. :)







12:57 am

Forcibly making myself to be sleepy, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and kill time. For 2 hours of lying down the cushions, I stayed wide awake until I felt the dozing effect of prolonging over the phone. Ah, finally I can put myself to a sound slumber. 

1:15 am

‘Yup, may homework na ‘ko sa Publications Writing. Buti na lang natapos ko yung article in time kahit last minute na.’

‘Sunod na subject, Technical Writing. Ano nga bang gagawin bukas dun…’

‘Ay shoot! !@#$%^ ‘

Then it came to me that my group is assigned to report TODAY, and we haven’t done anything yet. My goodness gracious, I just wanted to sulk earlier. :( 5 glorious days of vacation- I have all the 120 hours to do all I need to accomplish and yet, I haven’t done this thing WHICH IS DUE TODAY. 

What’s a girl to do?

1:19 am

I stormed immediately to the couch, got the laptop, and started researching. I do feel bad about this shortcoming. I really do. I wanted reflect to what happened over the past 5 days and why on earth I forgot to do this. But I ain’t got time for that! I am running out of time, and my class starts in 7 hours. 

To make up for myself, I made sure that the PowerPoint presentation will seem presentable despite the drowsiness I’m in. 

2:45 am

Woohoo, I’m now down to the Formats of a Business Letter, the last part. I just need to put some sort of interactivity between the class and the presentation. Last slide presents, “Which is which?” where modified block, block format, and semi-block is shown. :)

3:02 am

It’s bedtime!! FINALLY.

Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

Now, just imagine a 30-thousand heap of clothes from top brands served in front of you, all of which – just like a buffet – are segregated from appetizer to the main course. And again, just like a buffet, you serve yourself – hoard to your heart’s content (or how much your plate can handle).

Lo and behold, you don’t just have to imagine the scenario. Pretty Penny Productions is materializing the Clothes Buffet Manila! Yes you read that right- buffet of clothes. Now. Here. In. Manila. I, for one, can say that this is the most exciting shopping concept yet! How do I say so? Read on!

Basically, their cardinal rule is to simply pick it, zip it, and keep it. No questions asked, they say.

photo from

Let’s do an elaboration for that matter. The ‘pick it’ part is easy, you just have to seize 15 minutes to get everything you like. But the catch is (AND THE REAL DEAL) is the ‘zip it.’ Customers will be given a 33 x 23 cm ziplock bag to stuff all their picks. It’s a matter of skills in strategic folding, guys! This can really be pressuring (considering the time, space, and the MASSIVE variety of options), so the customer must also really have mastered the art of not panicking. Haha! And the best part is to go home and keep whatever you were able to fit in the bag! 


Photo from;



30,000 is definitely a huge number, so it’s a good thing they segregated them according to different themes: Girl’s Night Out, Festival Madness, and Smart Chic! It’s not gonna be so hard to find the style that a customer wants. ;)

photo from

photo from

Head on now to Clothes Buffet Manila to book for a ticket and devour the delectable clothes now! 

P.S. Are you gonna get hoard-now-regret-later picks or the painstakingly smart choices? It’s best to balance the quantity and quality! This is where your prioritizing gonna be put to a test. ;) 


Annyeong, K-series!

I’m currently getting the hang of literally binge watching this K-drama entitled, “I Hear Your Voice.” Eight more episodes ’til I can start another Korean TV series. Haha! Kidding aside, this K-drama will surely be a great hit in the Philippine television as much as My Love From the Star has been. Actually, I’m not much of a fan of all things Korean, TV series included. But because I happen to get a little sneak peek of some of the aired episodes on TV, I have been constantly getting hooked. Admittedly, I end up finishing ahead via online streaming (thanks,!) 

Hence, the current addiction of mine to date: I Hear Your Voice. 

I, for one, can say that Korean movies and series have this outstanding storyline. They can make plots with simple rags-to-riches story to girl-meets-alien lover (ehem, Do Min Joon-shi!). Although very fictitious, they can make it so light, funny, and (the most exciting bonus of all) informative! ]

Because I Hear Your Voice is a courtroom drama, I was able to distinguish the roles of the lawyer, prosecutor, judge, and jury? (I know, I know. Too naive, so please don’t judge too hard that I didn’t know those ‘legal’ personae). I find it really interesting as it shows how to do a hearing in a court, thus, there is a debate, rebuttal, and all that. It’s very timely that we have Communication Media Laws & Ethics subject; I get to have an overview of what reasoning in the court should be. The most important thing, as I’ve picked up from it, is the vitality of evidence. Whether it is circumstantial evidence or direct evidence, as long as it is something that can prove ones innocence, then the defendant may plead not guilty to the court. 

Although this has a mix of romantic comedy, the courtroom genre apparently has caught most of interest. 

Blah. I’m saying a lot now. Well just to wrap it all, I suggest you watch this K-drama!! Here’s the link!

Anyeonghi jumuseyo! :)


You’re Interesting. I like you. :)

When interests are turned into passion, it can create something fruitful.

This is what I told my mom when I asked for a guitar. Hahaha! Sounds empowering, right? No? Okay. 

One thing I want to tick off my bucket list is to be able to perform for huge crowd with my decent sounding voice and a guitar. I think it is innate that I just love to sing. I remember myself back then (I was roughly 4 years old) putting random melody to random, self-made, nonsense lyrics. The lyrics aren’t even words! It was all really made up. It went somewhat like: furla-dee-doo la-she-so-fee-kaaaa oh-kene-too-alobriyayaa. Well, not as exact as that, but I guess you know what I’m trying to point out.

So from there, my mom said that I really had the potential.

I officially started when I was 6, I enrolled at some voice enhancing program. From there, I experienced my first performance on stage. But I never did this at school. I was too shy and nah-I-just-don’t-want-to-do-it phase before I was pushed to compete at school! MY FIRST EVER. This time, I was already 10. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how I got convinced but I think it’s the flattery that got me. I was getting all the support even from classmates I’m not close with. 

Yay, I won the 1st place.

Then a few months later, I enrolled at Center for Pop Music Philippines not only for voice lessons, also for stage deportment. Those sessions trained me to not ever -as in ever- lick my lips while singing. It has been really hard for me, though. The program also let us have our recital at the end and apply all things that we have learned through the course. 

When I reached high school, there was never a year that I failed to render songs in culminating activities. I never got a coveted spot at the academic topnotchers list, but for consecutive years I was hailed as the Most Talented. (I was actually wondering why “Most Talented,” when all I do is just sing. It’s not like I also dance, or do impromptu speaking, or do ventriloquy.)

I’m wondering when can I put so much effort on cinematography and fashion design and constructing as well (cuz those are my other interests). I wonder where these little interests will take me. Or maybe I’m really destined to be on the completely opposite path? Nonetheless, I just hope for the best. 


A throwback photo to when we had a random shoot. Props to Kaila the photo! 

There’s so much to do yet so much lack for resources. Ugh.

Workin’ It

Finally, I found the time to actually workout my bod, even for at least 30 minutes! What suddenly urged me to do so? Well..

For the past 2 years and a few months, I’ve been trekking on the uphill slopes of school and I just find myself catching my breath when I reach the end point (classroom). Every time I do that, I just feel weak. But I didn’t do anything to lessen that until lately, when I just felt that my knees and calves seems to be giving up. There was an instance or two where I can barely feel my knees, and think like its joints would collapse anytime. It totally scared the hell out of me. :/ 

Poof! Then there came THE epiphany.

I maximized the half-day schedule yesterday, I did some physical fitness check up and some basic stretching. Mind you, a stretching routine that’s soooo grade school. Remember how your P.E. instructor back then mandates you to turn your head left-front-right and vice versa, then tilt your head up-side-down, in clockwise and counterclockise manner? Then forces you to put your hands on your hips and revolve it like making an orbit? I do– and I hated every single second of it. It seemed so pointless, says the youngster Kath. But here she is now, giving herself a well-deserved pat on back everytime she does a full body stretching. 

Not only that, I also did Hip Hop Abs, which was basically 99% responsible for all the body aches I have today (1% comes from the basic stretching, hihi). Hip Hop Abs is actually a DVD workout program. It doesn’t require you to sit-up, do crunches, and all that boring stuff. IT REQUIRES DANCING SKILLZ. Okay, kidding. It doesn’t require the skill, but just the mere capacity to catch up and be able to follow the dance steps PROPERLY. :) Apparently, I did so. My body ache’s a proof.

I can’t find the CD, so I relied on the good ol’ YouTube. ;) And I swear that every second of my dancing and the post dancing was… completely.. golden. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just can’t think of any more grandeur term to describe the bittersweet satisfaction from this painful workout. It’s like, the more I feel the pain, the more I feel strong! The thirty minutes isn’t that much, but progress is still progress, right? It means that, I’m getting there. At least, I am aware of what’s to be done and I have already started doing something. Can I just say that I’m proud of myself? I mean, this is something victorious for me considering the fact that I’m such a bum of couch potato-ing, 

How about you? Have you already taken a huge leap for yourself? :) 


We were tasked to report about the Critical Theory in our Organizational Communication subject. It said that an organization must look forward for equality and, “identify communication practices in the organization that are oppressive, and to work towards eliminating these practices.” Therefore, emancipation comes along.


verb \i-ˈman(t)-sə-ˌpāt\

: to free (someone) from someone else’s control or power

If you ask me, I agree to what the critical theorists advocate. In my opinion, for an organization to work, equality among expression of thoughts is an important factor. A boss can’t take his subordinates literally SUBORDINATES, like, to the extent that their ideas are considered as somewhat less important. 

I thought this can also apply to relationships (generally speaking). But for this instance, I’d like to micro-analyze this part on romantic relationships. 

For two people to actually work their 2-man bliss filled, emotion tingling, heart fluttering organization, Critical Theory should apply as well. Members of the organization should freely share their thoughts, speak up, to execute the upheld values and achieve the goal. Those two people should know the goal of the relationship in the first place-  what is it for and why are they pursuing it. I think this is THE CORE of all the cores. It’s comparable to the Vision-Mission of an organization. :P

Once the goal is identified, next step is to know the nature of things. Know the members of the org, know your partner. From there, you can proceed to what kind of attitude you must exude in order to create a unique culture with him/her. One must not be dominant nor submissive to the other. That way, things are balanced and smooth-sailing. And you and your lovey are happy. :) That’s why emancipation of thoughts is important. :)

P.S. Why did this came to me? I don’t know, too.

P.P.S. Can I now pass as Ramona Bautista?