There’s No Place Like Home


And not to mention, Ariana Grande.

It’s funny how a person can get when idolizing someone so much. The photo above reminded me of that certain night when I was outside to buy stuff. I just glanced up the bright, sparkly moon with the rich color of its golden craters. I stared too long to that beauty, and then my mind went like, “OMG, Ariana Grande and I might have been seeing the same beauty of the moon! We’re under the same moon; under the same sky.”

We are no different from celebrities, artists, presidents, multi-billionaires, technology innovators, and all the huge names in different industries. We all breathe the same air. Adversities, both by nature and by man, have been dragging us all people in the Earth down. We may not feel it, but as it progresses over time, we might be shocked by the drastic changes.

Beyond the risks of global warming, the war happening, the battle to the ownership of territories, and all sorts of adversities, we must try to reflect on the effect of man’s action, even the littlest ones. Are the things that most of us do worthy of our time? Is taking selfies helping to stop the war in Libya? Does gaining likes and followers in Instagram feed the growling stomachs of those who are hungry?

We are no different from the huge names in different industries. Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to contribute in making our world a better place to live in. Yes, this generation is lucky to have been introduced to the innovative smartphones and social media. We cannot deny its massive contribution to everyone’s convenience. Even so, I honestly think only wise people should be qualified to use it— those who are wise enough to know what’s worthwhile and what’s not.

Let’s use the CONVENIENCE of social media. Let’s take these little steps. Let’s spread the word of change. Consider this as a payment because we have been welcome in the Earth to dwell. Let’s not take it for granted and let the next generation of people savor the goodness of ‘home.’

Close the Door When You Leave

You came here uninvited
Barged in as if I wanted
Of all places, why here
You said no word that I can hear
Odd, you are
Your locks, bizarre
You gaze, I blink
To your voice, I sync
Sheer fleeting feeling
Confuses me so much
All the bliss, it makes me scream
my heart out loud, it’s so surreal
Was afraid, but risked
to anything you gave that scared me
But surely, it was pure bliss
that I, for one, don’t want to ever miss
From the faux rose I should have known
there was nothing I should own
But could you, at least, just let me know
Everything I must so you don’t owe
Please close the door when you leave
So I know when I should stop to believe
I don’t have to guess why
Why I shouldn’t cry

My Everyday Skin Care Regimen

I’m not the best person to be sharing this kind of topic; there are a lot who spends more time and dedication in facial care than I do! To be honest, I used to be scolded by my mom for waking up and then going to bed without even bothering to splash a bit of a water to my face. But now, I already know how important it is to take care of my skin, to the utmost consideration of the weather our country has. #AngPilipinasAyIsangMalakingPugonIMG_20140912_192518

Tada! I follow the cardinal rule cleanse-tone-moisturize, so basically there should only be just three products. Latter products will be discussed later so read on if you want to know! :)


1) Aura Swiss Apple Soap. Actually, I can ditch all the latter products for this one. This contains Argan Oil, one of the most sought after raw ingredient in beauty products today for its undoubtedly beneficial properties. When I use this, my face feels more balanced (not too dry nor too oily) so I feel like I’m good to go. By the way, it’s also important that you know your skin type (whether dry, oily, combination, or sensitive) before religiously using any soap so that you can weigh which complements your skin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin.


2) Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner with Tomato Extract. After cleansing my face with soap, I make it to a point to use a toner to remove the deep-seated dirt. I use this most especially around my nose (where all the whitehead and blackheads dwell haha). Four thumbs up (including those on my feet) for this Human Nature toner because, surprisingly, unlike other toners, it is not stingy! The no-harmful-chemicals formula explains why.


3) Aura Hydrating Mist. I only use this when my face feels so dry. This is totally optional for my case, as this promotes more moisture. Natural oils from my face are adequate enough. But they say that this is vital before using primer/foundation.


4) Face It CC Cream by The Face Shop. Now that the cleanse-tone-moisturize has ended, this is the step to coverage! Well.. err… I’m proud to say there’s not much acne to conceal on my face, but this CC cream is the bomb diggity! Basically, this can be a primer or the base of your makeup. “This keeps your morning make up intact without any darkening,” the packaging says. And it’s not lying! Although I don’t use more makeup beyond this, this really keeps the consistency of the color and glow of my face all throughout the day. :) What I like more about this is that it appears to a compact powder/mirror but it really contains cream! How? You have to press that button at the bottom part and the cream will pumped out of the hole right in the middle. Do you get what I’m saying? Haha! Google “CC cream aura the face shop.” Hehe


5) Johnson’s Baby Powder. Lo and behold, here is the staple among all the staples in makeup. My foundation in preschool, my eyeshadow in elementary, and my all around best friend in high school. But lately, it gets too flaky to my skin so I stopped using it by itself. I only use this now to help mattify my dewy skin from the CC cream. Just a dash on my palm and light pats on the cheeks, then I’m ready to go. :)

This is the full routine that I do when I go to school but on the days when I have to just stay at home, the process stops at number 2.


Comm Guild’s SBMA Sponsorship

Yesterday, it was our org’s turn to do the sponsorship for this month’s SBMA program. 

Tasked by the org president to facilitate the sponsorship on the day itself, I was really clueless on what SBMA is, aside from the little tidbit he gave: all we have to do is feed the children

Actually, SBMA stands for Saint Brother Miguel Academy. Named after the saint whose values is to teach children, it is a program aiming to educate kids from poor families. La Salle College Antipolo does this since year 2003, where every month, they bring some kids to school to impart basic knowledge with them. This year’s batch is spearheaded by Sir Leo Lim (though I’m not sure if he was in-charge for the previous SBMAs) together with his students from Basic Education Unit. I thank Sir Leo for quenching my curiosity! :)

Comm Guild is the sponsor for the month of September (I heard BSBA was last month’s sponsor). Our VP for Finance coordinated with Ate Grace, the awesome woman behind the yummy ghetto grub (lugaw, pansit, isaw, tokneneng, kwek kwek, siomai, burger, etc.) found at the gateway! Actually I was hoping for lugaw but…



Photos from Loise

There were around 80 kids, and we prepared 100 8 oz. plastic cups with pancit. After the whole serving, we were left with roughly half cauldron (kaldero). The kids were so game with Round 2 ’til Round 3! I just hoped that the line was facilitated by the BEU students because seriously, IT WAS CHAOTIC. I felt bad for those who patiently lined up but ended up getting none. :< May mga sumisinigt kasi tsk tsk. Out of the blue, I told Loise, “‘Pag mayaman na ‘ko, gusto ko rin magpa-ganito. Dalawang kaldero ‘yan sa ochentang mga bata.” Rak.

I’m telling you, it was tiring. Bending your arms for what seemed like an hour is not easy. 

After the event, Loise and I met the students as they were about to leave. We waved bye at them, of course. :) But there was this little one who was frolicking around the field, perhaps enjoying the vastness of the green grass, and suddenly came up to us. I was surprised with what he did. He, with both of his little hands, grabbed our right hand (Loise first then me) and shook it while saying “Thank you.” Nothing can compare to the feeling I felt on that very moment. 

I want to do this again. :)

Thank you Jonathan Juan for the opportunity!

My Epitome

Being such a devout Arianator, I surprisingly participated in the fan-gathering event to celebrate the release of her sophomore album My Everything. Truth be told, I’m not the kind who’s actually gonna spend time and money to “celebrate” a mainstream artist. BUT THIS IS ARIANA GRANDE’S SO I HAD TO GO. I’m not really sure how this admiration for her became this strong. Maybe it’s because her name and music wasn’t mainstream when I first heard of her. That nouvelle hit made me so much hooked, and I still get the hang of it (and I think I will never let go of it). 




Okay so I was beyond ecstatic when I received an email from the organizers saying I’ll be one of the performers for the event! Woohoo! I get to meet my fellow Arianators + I get to perform! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, eh? :)

It was so timely that before I went to Megamall, I saw Ariana Grande on TV, set to perform on Today Show. OMG, it felt like a match made in heaven. She was about to perform and I was about to perform too. LOL













Stills of her performance on Today Show! :)

So yeah, before heading straight to the venue of the event which was Astroplus, my mom and I went to The Face Shop first and bought a CC cream. And I also had my makeup done there to appear more than okay in front of the crowd, hehe. 


 Yay! I bought the album first (whose receipt shall serve as my ticket to join the event itself). On the photo above, I was wearing an asymmetrical skirt and ankle strap pumps with chunky heel. It was a bad decision. A really, really bad one. It didn’t came to me that I’ll be with kiddos around 10-16 years old. :( I actually thought of meeting ladies who’d look more like Ari and shares the same sentiments with me toward our epitome of beauty, fashion, and music but… there were kids. With their moms. OMG. So I changed into pants again. I suddenly felt overdressed.

10639495_710943358942318_8599556369522234572_n 10606318_10201654417600778_2955424964158684289_n

I sang some snippets from her My Everything



Group photo!

So… I had so much epiphanies on that day. I don’t want to speak anything defamatory against the organizers as well as the sponsors for this #TotalArianaLive! but the event was really… meh. I don’t know about the kids but to me it wasn’t fun at all (or maybe I’m just getting older :O). Hosts were so bland and boring and the games were… yeah. A hell of a bore. And mind you, we kinda competed and how was the winner picked? Loudest clap/cheer. And I only got my mom (who did not clap for me for the ‘voting’ hahahahaha) so apparently the girl who brought a ton of friends with her won. And I must admit she should win, her voice was totally epic. I just wished for a duly decision making on that part. It really felt such a waste. #ihatelosing :(

It kinda makes me sad that this seems to be a petty thing to rant over but here I am taking it all seriously. I’m really getting old for crap. 

So I told myself to just fangirl without any attachments to any commercial/business affiliates. Gosh, it felt like they wasted my 495 pesos when I already I have the digitized album. I hope next time they make events like this more fun and not apparently disingenuous. Halatang puro pera lang. (Hey this is not libelous huh! There’s no personal ill-will or spite, just a fair and true report of something that is not confidential. Therefore, malice is not presumed. LOL)

But I will still love Ari no matter what. <3 





One day, you’ll be surprised. One day, a bolt of blue will hit you. One day, your perspective will change.


And that day has arrived. I never thought I’ll even move forward, or at least this soon. Pain has outgrown my perspective and my character, I thought. But it turns out otherwise.

Today, I can say that I’ve managed to handle my justifiably pissed self. I have outgrown the agony. You’ll know you have moved on when you’re no longer aware of that person’s presence like you did before. You’ll be surprised to see how time can heal you, and how your attitude will change it.

At the end of the day, it’s still upon one’s decision: either to “prolong the agony” or just continue to live life and love everyone who loves you. :)







12:57 am

Forcibly making myself to be sleepy, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and kill time. For 2 hours of lying down the cushions, I stayed wide awake until I felt the dozing effect of prolonging over the phone. Ah, finally I can put myself to a sound slumber. 

1:15 am

‘Yup, may homework na ‘ko sa Publications Writing. Buti na lang natapos ko yung article in time kahit last minute na.’

‘Sunod na subject, Technical Writing. Ano nga bang gagawin bukas dun…’

‘Ay shoot! !@#$%^ ‘

Then it came to me that my group is assigned to report TODAY, and we haven’t done anything yet. My goodness gracious, I just wanted to sulk earlier. :( 5 glorious days of vacation- I have all the 120 hours to do all I need to accomplish and yet, I haven’t done this thing WHICH IS DUE TODAY. 

What’s a girl to do?

1:19 am

I stormed immediately to the couch, got the laptop, and started researching. I do feel bad about this shortcoming. I really do. I wanted reflect to what happened over the past 5 days and why on earth I forgot to do this. But I ain’t got time for that! I am running out of time, and my class starts in 7 hours. 

To make up for myself, I made sure that the PowerPoint presentation will seem presentable despite the drowsiness I’m in. 

2:45 am

Woohoo, I’m now down to the Formats of a Business Letter, the last part. I just need to put some sort of interactivity between the class and the presentation. Last slide presents, “Which is which?” where modified block, block format, and semi-block is shown. :)

3:02 am

It’s bedtime!! FINALLY.