Flannel, Feline, Flannel

Oh, to goof around is like half of my everyday self. But to be with someone as frolicsome as me? CRAZIER!!! Hahahaha



 I wore this to the Bauble Lab Headquarters while having the luxury of time to brainstorm projects for the shop with Kaila. Woah, to be handling one ain’t easy. Pero sabi nga nila, walang job na madali. All it really takes is an ample time and effort. So K and I will quit school and just focus on this. LOL!

Kidding aside, this tank top-shorts-cover up combo is a fail-proof, comfort-securing outfit. That flannel I’m wearing is actually not mine. It’s my Kuya’s. Hehe. Even the knapsack is his. Hehehehe. :))

collageHype this look on Lookbook here.


I paired this laid back look with a very classy royal blue bracelet with that Tory Burch logo I received for Christmas. Lakas maka-sosyal! Thanks Loise! You really know my style! Aaand see that wire ring? That’s is from Camille Co’s booth. HAHAHA hi Kaila HAHAHHAHA.


Say hi to our feline friend studded on my ear! I received this as a Christmas gift as well! Thanks again, K. Forever hugs and kisses!! :*

IMG_5552IMG_5554IMG_5555Look at how candid the photos are. LOL

IMG_5575I hope you enjoyed! Next time I’ll try having my poses more fashion bloger-esque. Hihi. Till my next post!IMG_5579xx, Kath



Puss in Boots

It was a risk for me to actually don such an outfit. To be on this ensemble on a scorching hot weather (kahit December na T_T)? I didn’t mind at all! This is something I’d definitely wear on a music fest. Channeling coachella feel!


Hype this on look on Lookbook here.


I wore this last Thursday to an event at my alma mater. The first comment I’ve received about my outfit was, “Wow, ang exotic ng outfit mo, Kath!” At least, I stood out! :P


I’ve been itching to wear that beautiful poncho ever since I got it at Bestie Konisis‘ booth at the Blogger’s United 6 (stay tuned for the part two of my adventure). The moment I laid my eyes on this in between the racks, I just knew I had to get it! Look how pretty the fringes are. I also loved how the cream color contrasts my olive skin. And since I’m a sucker for loose clothes (so as to conceal my love handles), the fabric gets an A+ from me! It’s so light, it doesn’t really give that warmth a real poncho should have. I got it for only 150 php, can you believe that?! Yes, it’s such a steal. <3


I wore a bandeau underneath so I can optimize not only its style but its function as well! I can easily move around and be my frolicsome self without the unwanted peek-a-boos.  


I was so curious how Bestie styled the top.. and I literally googled keywords like “bestie” “konisis” “poncho.” Well, the stars aligned. I was able to find it! Next time, I would wear it that way. :) But this time, I decided to wear it with a black bondage skirt. I must say, it is a staple for any girl’s closet. Pair it with a muscle tee, you’re rocking a street style kind of vibe; peplum top and structured blazer, then you’re good for going corporate-ish. LESSON: All you need are the basics and you’re free to mix and match things! It’s your style, after all!IMG_5685


And that Via Spiga boots you see there are from my beyond infinity, di-makabasag-pinggan sa pagka-good friend, Maine and Tita Precy! I was really in search of black boots, and lo and behold, they are now right in front of my very eyes. TuT Thank you so much, Tita and Maine!! I swear I’m giving this pair justice every single time I wear them. :)

What do you think of my look? Will Tita Precy like this kaya? Haha!

Until next time, lovies!! :*


P.S. I have new sounds on Soundcloud!! Full of Ariana Grande’s. Hihi. Speaking of A, I’ll be doing a tutorial of her half-up, half-down hairstyle, so watch out for it! :D

Heard my purr at BU 6 | Pt. 1 (The Journey)

Flower wreathed heads, feet raised by thick soled patent oxfords and lace-up booties, twirling girls in skater skirts, ensemble of sweatshirt-tartan polo-chambray; every street style you can imagine are all present at the Bloggers United 6. I swear, everyone whom I’ve laid my eyes on really are certified fashion-savvy! The juxtaposition of nervousness and excitement on me was, I guess, if you’ve read my face closely, seen while in line. I was constantly glancing at my reflection to cross-examine, for the nth time, my look. An hour or so have passed, and voila –  “Welcome to the WORLD BAZAAR FESTIVAL, featuring the BLOGGERS UNITED 6. Meet your favorite style bloggers. Shop their closet. Hoard since you’re an early bird because ‘an early bird catches the worm.’ Go gaga over the fact that you will now breathe the kind-of-the-same air as your fashion epitome does. Start your fabulous interactive shopping affair, NOW.”

The long wait was finally over.

Rewind. Rewind. Rewind.

8:45-ish AM, LRT-1 Doroteo Jose Station – OH MY GEE!! We’re a few steps away from the much awaited Bloggers United!! Okay so my good friend (Kaila) who willingly joined me through my quest we’re waiting for the train to arrive. It was my first time to ride LRT-1, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that the men and women are separated on the trip. Phew, no more possible-pervs around. But to my horrible surprise, ah grabe parang sardinas sa lata yung mga tao sa train. Dios mio por santo.

Nakakaloka talaga. There was actually a lady who really was the brink of the doorstep, like parang malalaglag na siya and the door closed habang naiipit yung arms niya!!! ‘Di ko alam if I was able to make a sound like, “OMG” or “Shit” or gasping sound. If so, di ko rin alam kung gaano kalakas. Basta ang alam ko lang, sobrang nakakaawa, kitang-kita sa mukha niya na na-hurt siya and medyo embarassed. Gusto ko nang tumawa but I can’t. And I pictured myself in her situation. And I saw myself bursting into a river of tears. :))

Tapos ayan, dumating na ‘yung second train. Well obviously pinalampas namin ‘yung first train (we dont wanna be the second batch of humiliated girls, duh) tapos eto na naman. :)) Looking at the stressful view, there was no way we can go through. At eto pa. HAHAHAHAHA. May babae na naman. Nung tumigil yung train sa station, she was leaning forward as pinto na mismo. So nung bumukas yung door, she kept her balance naman. What was funny was nung papasara na yung door, kitang-kita dun sa window yung ipit niyang sarili. As in she was just pushed insude by the door. Grabe. LRT- 1 you da bomb. =))

Then the third one came. Ayun, nag lessen naman to 2/3 (two-thirds) yung laman ng train. So kapit bisig talaga kami ni Kaila makapasok lang. And score!!! Nakasakay kami huuhuhuhuhu. :( Tapos nagkatinginan na lang kami: “Ano, magbbloggger’s united ka pa?,” she asked. Well.. oo naman!

So that’s the first part! The Journey. Literal na journey. Wait until the next part (the real BU part haha). Hope you enjoyed. :p

P.S. My mom told me we should’ve taken the insanely convenient 2-vehicle trip route. (Isang fx papuntang makati then bus to world trade center). But we took Antipolo Jeep, Santolan, Doroteo, some long walks in between, and a jeepney ride. HAHAHAHAHHA

The Way

Finally, an outfit post!!! *insert choir heavenly singing ‘tadaaaa~!’* LOL to that, too corny. Hehe.

Just last week, our school’s annual acquaintance party took place at St. Benilde Gymnasium of LSCA. Frosh Berde parties usually mean to strut your BEST self (without wearing sleeveless tops, dresses/skirts with beyond 3-inches-above-the-knee length, tops with spaghetti straps, short shorts and the list goes on *corny dress code**hey im not a school activist*) with accords to the theme. Derived from the traffic lights’ hue, this year’s theme is “Crossroads,” where party-goers are only allowed to wear clothes in green (for single), yellow (for it’s-complicated kind of a shiznit), and red (for those who are in a relationship). Well can you guess which color I belong? :P Of course, it’s red.

Image© Jonathan Juan

And of course, I am joking.

My peg for this outfit is Ariana Grande in her single, The Way. I super luuuuuuurv Ari I fangirl-ed so much that I even googled “ariana grande style,” “ariana grande hair,” “ariana grande nails,” “ariana grande full name,” “ariana grande boyfriend,” “ariana grande young,” “ariana grande outfit the way.” Oh my gosh I sounded like a psychotic stalker. HAHAHA

While most of you would’ve known her on Victorious, I discovered Ariana Grande-Butera on Soundcloud, when I was just hopping over sound recordings from one person to another. Click click click. Play play play. I stumbled upon her cover of Mariah Carey’s Emotions and my mind was blown. Her whistle register is just A+mazing!!! It’s something I can’t do when it comes to singing (and it frustrates me) so I looked up to her so much from then on. Whooopsies, this became a how-i-discovered-and-adored-ariana-grande-so-much blog post already hahaha!

What made me like her so much more is her exceptional style! She has this trademark for her sweetheart dresses, midriff tops matched with high-waist bottoms, florals, minimalist yet classy jewelry, and of course, her hair ribbon/bow. So I opted to get inspiration from her The Way outfit!

I had my nails in white, too.

I thought she was in an LBD but no! She was in separates: black sweetheart neckline top and a pair of shorts (yes i am also fooled). And just when I thought that she was wearing socks, it’s a Louboutin boots.

To follow the dress code (yung kulay lang, wala ng paki sa no-sleeveless rule haha!), I decided to go for a mint green skater skirt and a black corset. BTW, id like to thank Janna Sta. Ana for saving my feet and myself also. Alam niya na yun hihi! :*Image© Jonathan Juan

Originally, I had the signature hairstyle of Ari (high ponytail with loose few sections of hair at the bottom topped with a white lace bow). But I had so much fun partying I just had my hair create a drama/real party goer effect (charaughtera). LOL Below is a photo of the La Psalle Chorale about to perform. And my hair’s kinda fresh pa. HAHA

© Mica Alcantara

© Mon Basister

And that ends this blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you for reading!! ;)

xx, Kath

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Answer your call

How would you know recognize a call? How would you know if it is yours to respond? Can one really discern a call from being just O.A.? *call – like, your call to love, etc.

3:02 P.M. Antipolo Bayan, corner of Mercury Drug.

From La Salle terminal, I went straight ahead to the photocopying services (to print handouts in theo). Brisk walk. Shielding from extreme sun illumination. Observing, keen eyes to left, right, and ahead. Normally, I would walk with my head tilted down (not always, but surely often) to avoid from falling and bruising myself.

As I walk in this manner, I saw this little kitten, about 2 or 3 weeks old, gradually taking a few leaps of walk (kahit parang natutumba-tumba siya). If we aren’t close enough, then let me tell you: I am such ailurophile (one who’s fond of cats). We (our fam) have two handsome princes, Bonnie and Clyde. Them boys so spoiled to the extent na kahit wala kaming dinner one time, as long as those two babies have, okay na ‘yung dad ko. And just recently, Bonnie earned his wings (Ay? Talia Castellano peg? HAHA). He suffered from having kidney stone. I cried an ocean when he left. Sobrang nakakalungkot. But still, I am thankful enough for the two years of bliss with that bouncing baby boy (yes, bouncing. ’cause he’s so faaaat). Well I think that’s what you really call L-O-V-E. <3

Bonnie & Clyde, August 2011.


Going back, well.. guess what I felt. Hohoho I want to adopt him!! Lalo nung lumingon ulit ako to check on him again, nung natumba kasi nasipa siya ng passer-by lalo kong naramdaman ‘yung sense of responsibility, na since ako lang naman (ata) ‘yung may concern sa welfare niya, I might as well take the full responsibility. After niya matumba, nilagay ko siya dun sa sidewalk na ironically, walang naglalakad dun (mga tao talaga.. shunga. joke.)  Pero okay, I still have to consider other factors: Parents’ approval, our safety, expenses (food, etc.).

So yeah. ‘Di ko siya kinuha. Obstructions. Pero sobrang naawa ako, pa’no na lang kung ano mangyari dun. :( Another thing, I really can’t decipher if this is just a product of my ka-O.A.-an/overreacting or this really is one of my calls in this lifetime: to foster homeless pets. For me, it is symbitotic relations: I earn gratification when I help pets (most esp. cats) and they likewise benefit from my loving deeds.

Gusto ‘ko tuloy balikan ‘yung kitten. :( If ever makita niyo, he is small and has a brown and white fur (but brown dominates).

xx, Kath

Blast from the Past

Scorching hot summer in the country is felt and it, as a result, left me with no choice but stay at home all summer long. Chos. Sadyang wala lang akong mapuntahan (and some greens, may I add)The classic Kathleen likes rekindling blasts from her past (but can hardly remember them tho), so this little girl spent an hour or two reading palanca letters (which I received a year or so ago) to ease boredom somehow.

As soon as I get to finish reading ’til the last letter, I realized there is something bizarre among the letters.. Somthing, awkwardly similar. Let me share this because I really don’t know if their perception towards me still lies within me. Please help me figure this thing out, lol.

*from some letters and some relevant parts*

A super close friend o’ mine said,

“…nako sana magkaron ka ng friends! Be friendly kasi. Marami namang tulad namin kaso mahirap talaga mahanap lalo yung katulad ko.”   (lol, gals hulaan niyo kung sino ‘to =)) )

Another left a postscript/P.S. which says,

Try mo bawasan ang pagiging mataray, I’m sure mas magugustuhan ka at baka makuha ka na ng true love b^^d”    (Seriously? Mga galawan talaga oh, hahaha)

And the list goes on and on:

Medyo bawasan lang natin katarayan minsan ha? Kala kase nung iba galit ka sa kanila e.

Hi Leesh! Ikaw ‘yung tipong sa unang tingin ay parang masungit at ‘yan ang first impression ko sa’yo nung first year tayo/Pero hindi pala lahat ng first impression ay totoo.”     (at last, someone saved me from this utter humiliation! haha!)

…’wag ng maldita ah :) (jk :P)

Our friends at AG (schoolmates mo rin :>) told me, nakakatakot ka daw pagnakasimangot. SMILE. :) I always admire your photos SMILING. Whether you like it or not, you really need to smile.”    (Sino kayong nagsabi nun ha? Hahaha)

See? I honestly felt a little awkward when I got to read these again. Iniisip ko kung ganito pa rin ako ngayong college. lol I admit I was/(am) an introvert. Really. That thing I really wanted to just be gone.

Ciao! xx

Summer boho

Summer boho

H M h m
$20 - hm.com

Carven neon hot shorts

Unisa leather flip flops
$130 - zalando.co.uk

Ann demeulemeester


Snap bracelet

Summer hat
$59 - houseoffraser.co.uk