Block of Purple

Sometimes, don’t you feel like you had an epiphany of something? Something that will make things in your life shifted?

I, for one, have experienced this. In a bolt of blue, you’d realize that you’ll be better off without the usual things you do/ or the people you used to be with. My current state by now is, I am and I will be NOT throwing them away. I’m just taking a distant space for now ’cause I think it would be the best not only for me but for the all of us. To choose something best for yourself is pretty normal, as long as it don’t aggravate anyone or anything’s burden.

Well anyway, it is my blog I’m mumbling all about. HAHA, ‘kala niyo kung ano na ‘no. :)) I think this is the time to finally begin my fresh start here on WordPress. Just so you know, I had my old blog from another site and I’m not dumping it away. I’ll just move here to start anew.

Speaking of “to start anew,” of course I must start to be a good blogger. (Yeah naman! HAHAHA!! XD) Well I think a good blogger must be (1) updating his blog on a daily basis, (2) have something sensible and quite interesting stories to share, and lastly, (3) a pretty theme. Heehee. Yes, I personally think the theme of the blog will be such a huge impact.

So I WELCOME MYSELF  TO WORDPRESS!! WEE!! (Hey but if you don’t know me quite much, just visit that “ABOUT” section over there. ) Anyway, as for my first blog entry, I’ll be posting the OOTD I had last weekend.

Hype this look on Lookbook here.

A laid-back outfit is perfect if you’ve gotta do a tad bit of working for the whole day. As for my look, I opted to go for a hey-i’m-such-a-sweet-child-adopt-me-please look.  (Oh erase the adopt me. Way exaggerated. HAHA)

Lol December’s fast approaching though the heat is still pa-epal. With that said, comfy clothing is sure a must-have. I wore this white, loose, see-through top with a cute ribbon on it. ❤

A block of purple for it not to be boring. I chose to pair it with such a color ’cause its juxtaposition with the top is awesome. Not too much, not too underdressed. Just fine.

Pairing the top with a not-so-striking colored shorts or jeans would work though, just make sure a good piling of accessories would pull it off. This look need not to be excessorized; the purple block’s enough at least for me.

What do you think? Comments are loved! ❤

© Bev Caluma and Kaila Aniqa

Thank you, Bev. I hope you’re reading this. Heehee

That would be it for now. Have a good day! :*

P.S. Kaila Aniqa! My official fotog! :)) Where are my photos? Expect them to be here as soon as you send them! Haha, love yoww.


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