Sparx | The Rebel Concert

For Comm students of LSCA, College Week Day 2 is the day! The Society of Performing Artists Reaching for Excellence (SPARX) annually holds a concert as part of the College Week. This year’s peg was Rebel — as “CAUTION” tapes and grungy newspapers surrounded the event hall. Thanks to the brilliant minds of the senior students who mind-mumbled all of this. Here are some of the photos from the event: *credit goes to the owners of the pictures*

Teaser shots



And the event itself (Chikishk member Bev, the early uploader, thank you)


Galit ako, ‘wag niyo ‘kong pigilan. =))


Gosh, I superrr love Tan’s jacket. DIY-ed! Look at all those spikes. O_O  Coooooool. :bd


The program was such a blast! I experienced rough times (cramming) so yeah next time it shouldn’t be done again. 😛


xx, Kath


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