Surprise of Pink

This is the third time for me to post in this blog in just a day! O_O My burning passion led me to. Hehheh. Okay honestly I’ve got many backlogs here, that’s why. ūüėõ

A monochromatic look paired with a bright piece of clothing will sure be a safe trick for choosing the right color palette. For this look,  I opted to go for an all-black ensemble then spiced it up with some surprise of pink.

Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Actually this black dress is a tank top. If you wonder why does this tank top has a very flow-y, long, dramatic, and¬†asymmetrical detail at the front.. well¬†it is because of its style. ¬†Originally it was made to be formed into a knot at the front and can give an edgy look to it. Eeeep, I guess you didn’t get what I mean. I should have had taken a photo of it. ūüė¶

A classy black lace bandeau not only to hide unwanted peek-a-boos, but also to tone down the edginess of the cut of the tank top itself.

Killer yet cute spikes! Yikes!

What do you think? Comments are very much appreciated! ‚̧ ‚̧

Photos taken by Kaila Aniqa. Thanks, girl! :*

xx, Kath


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