College Week Day 3 Outfit Of The Day: 112312. For that day,the dress code was La Salle shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. Well, this goes to show that I’m waaaay obedient. 🙂

Hype this look on Lookbook here. 🙂

I know naman that the dress code won’t be that strict so I opted to wear what I want that day. I went for a floral corset (owned by mom) and a buttondown hand-me-down (still owned by mom before O_O)

The corset isn’t actually the usual ones with wires but this one still provides a secure hold and shape to my body though. Its contrasting colors mint and brown is a perfect combo. And of course, a buttondown for a conservative look. Bawal sa La Salle ang pa-corset corset alone. :))

Jeggings for a perfect fit. Actually bawal din ‘to sa school pero ‘di ako sinisita. HAHAHA. >:)

I don’t know how to see myself in this photo. Pa-tweetums or just a retard? LOL

I went all matchy-matchy with sorta minty (more of like spring) green earring. It’s a trick I learned from the fashion bloggers (like Camille Co <3) that when choosing accessories, you better get the less dominant colors in the main piece of your outfit. So I picked a color of an earring that would somehow show coherence to the corset. 🙂

Comments are super loved!! Dali comment kayo haha. XD

Btdubss, if you’re wondering why my title’s such..

I’m LSSed by Beyonce’s Ego. HAHAHA. I made a cover, actually.

Hope you had a great start of the week!

xo, Kath


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