I’ll just keep this entry short ‘kay? 🙂
Just yesterday, I learned how to download new fonts. (Yeah it’s a great skill learned bwahaha!! =)))) Lol I’m such a taga-bundokers to be so naive with it. Well it’s normal. Like they say, everything starts with zero to bingo! >:))
Yeah so basically it was just a download-export-move process. I wanted to give Kaila a big fat THANKS for making me aware of these things. Seriously, making friends with a person who’s got a different interest/forte is such a good thing. I’m learning so many stuff about digital artistry, Adobe, computer, downloads, videos, Vimeo-thingy, and everything else in between. So yeah, Kaila got me so “WOOOOW ganto pala yun”, “Ahhh kaya pala..” with a lot of things. =)) Expect to read more of those explorations in the near future. Malay niyo I’d venture into the field of digital arts na rin. =))
Well to make the long story short, eto na talaga. This is a post to make a pledge that everytime I post an OOTD or any randomness, I’d always start it with a cute header title using the so-called skill of downloading fonts!! Yeah I’d choose header titles according to the mood of the post. 🙂 HAHA corny ko ‘yun lang!! xx


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