A Must-try: Doughnut Bun


One of the perquisites of being a fashion blog-hopper is that, endless knowledge awaits you. I’m a self-confessed blog-hopper (mostly fashion) and those bloggers inspired me to embrace and appreciate fashion even more(and also to create my blog of my own).

Just now, while I was doing my blog-hopping stints, I bumped into this very interesting blog post of Break My Style‘s Laureen Uy.


The bun just really caught my attention. It seems to be full and perfect. I bet bobby pins weren’t only the tools used to achieve such an artwork (artwork talaga? =)) ).


YAY! Buti may tutorial siya! 🙂 I think that blog entry of hers is sponsored by a certain hair brand and they asked her to blog their product. Well back to the hair, she used a doughnut bun. It is just a puffy and fat rounded thing to give voluminousness the hair in bun form. The good thing about this thing is that, if your hair is not long enough to create a bun by simply twisting it, this tool can do wonders.

Another discovery! So what’s a girl to do? *insert light-bulb-suddenly-appeared effect* Of course, to TRY THIS!! HAHA!


So my problem is that, I don’t have the doughnut thingy yet and I want to do this right now. The only solution is to unleash creativity and DIY skills.


Sock Doughnut! This only requires a sock (preferably a long one), pair of scissors, thread and needle (if you wish to give it full security), and of course… patience. If you don’t have the latter then just go buy one. Ikaw rin. Mapapamahal ka pa. Hahahahaha.

So expect me to post my own sock doughnut bun tutorial/by-product this week. Hee hee Im soo excited. ❤ Stay tuned for that! 🙂



P.S. What do you think about my header? Haha, I used Photoshop to edit it but it looked more like done on Paint. Lol after 3 years, nakagamit ulit ng Photoshop so bear with my editing skills. :))


3 thoughts on “A Must-try: Doughnut Bun

    1. Kilig naman ako! :”> Heehee, thank you Ate!! Nakuu you should start blogging na, para ma-unleash mo na yung mga iniisip mo! 😀

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