How To: Make a Sock Doughnut & Use the Sock Doughnut

I know, I know, there’s already a tutorial available for these (like the one I posted last night) but I just wanted to create something like this of my own.

1st tutorial: Sock Doughnut

Sock doughnut is a hair tool used to add voluminousness and sleek perfection to a hair bun. Materials used are, for sure, already available at your homes so this will be just easy. 🙂


STEP 1: Pick a sock. For this, I used a knee-high sock for a bigger bun. BTW this sock has a very massive sentimental value to me because this is my first-owned knee-high socks and I used it at my very first mall show when I was in Junior High. D’: #throwbackofmemories



STEP 2: Cut the toe part of the sock.


STEP 3: Start rolling it outwards until you create a doughnut-like shape.


STEP 4: Make sure it’s got a secure hold at the ends.


It’s easy right? 🙂

Now down to the 2nd tutorial: How to use the sock doughnut.P02-12-12_08-49


Gather all your hair using an elastic tie (sanrio).P02-12-12_08-51

Put the sock doughnut on the pigtail.


Cover the whole sock bun with your hair then tie it again with an elastic. Excess hair shall be wrapped around the bun and voila! The majestic hair bun. :)))


Yehey I’m so happy! Hahaha. ❤


I once bought a tool for making a bun before but it failed to do such a bun. It is called the spin pin. All you have to do is twist your hair into a bun and secure it with this pin by screwing (lack of better term) it into the chignon.P02-12-12_08-56[2]

I first saw this as a Goody product. Well if you are not familiar of Goody, it is a brand that sells high-quality and very functional hair tools (pins, elastics, brush, etc.) at a very expensive price. I think that spin pin of Goody costs for like 500 php. O_O So I settled for the less-costly and consequently, low-quality. I bought one at Girlshoppe for just 50php to see how this can do wonders but it failed haha. The strength is very vulnerable, it can’t take the thickness of my hair. SO LET’S JUST SETTLE WITH MY SOCK DOUGHNUT!! >:P

I hope this helped you. Heehee bye. 😉



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