Just another day

I’m in the midst of reading “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” when I suddenly remembered how M.I.A. I’ve been in this blog. Pffft, bad cat not purring on a daily basis. Sorry. 😦
So past few days had been okay. Well actually ’twas boring. And now I’m stuck up at reading this pdf file as subject req. for reflection paper. I’m no bookworm so it’s very hard for me to focus. x( Plus, the screen light irritates me. How I wish I can just have it in book. Pero tiyaga-an lang ‘yan, kesa bumili pa. :))

I’m into this book for like 6 hours now and I’m still in chapter 3. Temptations fly like a butterfly on a garden (ano?!) like Facebook, Twitter, etc. D: Time management, where are you?
Look, I actually ended up sketching a face of a lass out of total lack of focus. Tho I’m proud because I finally have a decent sketch of a face *insert crying meme here*. HAHAHAHA. I was just trying to draw an eye and yes, it turned out to be pretty fine so dinerediretso ko na hanggang lips. 🙂
BACK TO READING! Guise, can you give me suggestions on how to keep myself from those temptations? Like, applicable and practical answers. Don’t advise like “HAVE DISCIPLINE.” I want a narrowed-down answer. I know I would be encountering more of this sooner so I really need ONE GREAT PIECE OF SWEET ADVICE to use as I go on and continue my reading prowess. Hay. Kabaliw lang. Babay.


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