I spy D.I.Y.

D.I.Y projects really does kill boredom. I swear. Most especially when you think of all the old clothes you’ve got in your closet and those thrifted goodies from you mom’s, creative juices will overflow. Today is I’ve-got-nothing-to-do day (as usual) and I decided to spot some D.I.Y tutorials on the web. I found this how-to-create-fringe-necklace tutorial by Promise Tangeman.

I’ve been seeing the collaged picture tutorial on Pinterest for quite some time now and meh. It doesn’t seem to tickle my interest buds ’cause seeing the pictures, I’m like “wait, how did it come to that step? or like “anyare, bat naging ganyan?” Haha, luckily I found this full post ’bout the tutorial.

And what I did…

Ohglob, why does mine looked like a scarf? HAHA! Talk about the excess fabric. What do you think? 🙂

This is actually my mom’s t-shirt (reunion t-shirt with matching Maragondon Nat’l HS, Batch ’87 haha) and I hope she won’t kill me for chopping off making her tee fashionably fit for the holidays. Haha. What I did was, I chopped off the necklines and the sleeves and cut the shirt vertically into strips. I used ALL of the strips so it looked like that – big and lump. Haha! Plus, it’s soo heavy. -_- Pero okay lang ‘yan, first attempt pa lang naman! 🙂 Next time, I’ll be choosing lighter fabric for this project and lesser strips of course. 😛

And yeah, I’m so into DIY stuff nowadays because I’ll be opening a shop with the collaboration of someone from the block! I think ideas with regards to diy crafts would mean a lot for us. Watch out for that!

Tomorrow will be the 21st of December (the second day of Christmas break), the said-to-be date of the ‘end of the world’ based on the popular belief of the Mayans. It’s a bit freaky, but I believe it’s not gonna happen. I know there are many things that await us in the near future so I don’t think things must come to an end as early as this.

xx, Kath

P.S. We’ll be going to Laguna for Christmas and New Year. Pfft. Carolling ‘di na natuloy. 😡 😦 Wala naaa.


5 thoughts on “I spy D.I.Y.

    1. Aww Ate, thanks for the positive feedback!! Yeah that’s my goal, to keep my blog interesting by doing stuff like this haha.

      Ohh I like your header! *u* I want something like that din, yung customized yung header. 😦 And.. buti ka pa nananalo ka na sa giveaways, ako never pa. Hahahaha.

      I’m looking forward to see more on your blog, Ate!! ❤

      1. Aaah! yun ba! Elem pa ako nun nung nakita ko yung book na yun,sabi ko paglumaki ako ng onti papashort heyr ako gaya nung nasa sketch 🙂 tas ayun iniscan ko,ginamit ko jan! tadaaa! 😛 xDD oo nga i like yer blog too kakatuwa naman nung nakita ko yan last year sabi ko: ay may blog din siya! gagawa ako ng mas personal (Y) oyeah oyeah! :p Follow moko ha! (sabay abot ng suhol) xD lol chaga chaga lang dear! kapag may nagustuhan akong giveaway sinasalihan ko lahat bahala na kung alin dun ang mapapanalunan swetihan nalang xDD ngayong month may sampu o kinse nakong sinalihan xDD adik lang eh noh?! bigyan kita link sa fb kung want mo :))))) thanks din! love love :*

      2. Ay yung prize na lang i-share mo. XD Joke! Haha yeah wala talaga akong tiyaga sa giveaways. BTW, sa beauty products ka sumasali ng giveaways? 🙂 Ako naman I join fashion giveaways. But sometimes may make-up din. :>

      3. Both :))) kahit ano talaga xDD matatawa ka pero yung pinakaweird na sinalihan ko is yung germ killer saka pesticide! xDD eh bat ba,para sa bahay din yun noh! tamang-tama bablog ko yung package na dadating this coming week na napanulanan ko sa giveaway :)))

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