The Shifting

College has been easy-breezy so far. No stress, no fuss. Academic pressure isn’t felt that much. But if there should have been such a huge leap taken, it must be  thy inner self.

Sometimes I would be alone thinking of the past years I spent panting due to excessive laughing, crying, fighting, understanding, pointing out flaws, and frolicking with my high schools buds. And now here I am, laying on the bed while typing, still realizing and thinking how this childish girl in me can shift to (with lack of better terms to use,) a little bit of a woman now.

Gone down through memory lane, I can say that I am now someone that high school batchmates can’t easily point a finger on. I mean, I’m not the old Kathleen (who had this thing of color coding accessories in school everyday *eg. monday is ribbon, earrings, socks all in pink; tuesday is green, etc., and the sorts). You know the feeling when the most embarking scene of that chapter of your life rewinds in your head and you just thought, “Why the f I reacted like that? Ohglob i looked silly, I should have said this instead of that/ I should have done this instead of that.” Yes. Because now, I really thought what I did in the past was too childish. I wasn’t even aware of the feelings of the people around me. All I knew all along was, I should just lived my life and get over with the bad things/people. Though sometimes when you thought they are bad, they actually aren’t. Their presence is felt because it is needed. They’d play a significant role in your life. And that’s where I was wrong:  when I trusted no one and felt like everything will fall into place just like how I wanted them to be. Lesson learned: give importance to those people that come along your way. Minsan lang yan na nanjan, di mo alam kung kelan ulit babalik.

Ohh random thoughts.

xx, Kath

P.S. Today is the said-to-be end of the world and I’ll be eating Jamon de Bola in a few minutes. Kfly. Tahahahaha.


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