Be The Belle Of The Ball

‘Tis the prom season, where girls (and their mums) start to scour the market for the perfect dress/gown with perfect style and fit. Usually our concerns with the dresses are, number one,  they are too alike; they sometimes have sort of the same cut, fabric, and use of embellishments and bead work. But I know a shop which caters a variety of garb and gowns: The Red Mannequin.Image



So, The Red Mannequin is a boutique which caters gown rentals. Honestly, when I first stepped my foot at their shop, I was like :OOO while twisting my head, 360 degrees, just to glimpse the racks of garbs in the room. They have long gowns, cocktail dresses, cultural costumes, and the likes with such various detailing. You can see tulle, silk, chiffon, velvet, etc. all around the room. So girls, you know where to go! 😉




I love our matching gowns. ❤ If you have a best friend and you’re too clingy to each other, you can wear matching sorts like this. Hahaha it’s cute, don’t you think? 🙂



Look at the bead work. *eyes sparkle*



Not only it caters gowns, costumes, and garbs, it is also a one stop shop/ services center where they can do videography, photography, make-up services. They also sell accessories. Let me emphasize their hair accessories! I so love them, ang daming ribbons!! Function and style in one! :DD

So girls and mums out there, visit The Red Mannequin to see for yourself. 😉 You can contact them here and here.




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