Carnation Strings

It’s already 8:57 PM and I’m supposed to do my homework… but no. Nakakatamad kaya. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I’m still in the search for a perfect mood setter to do my homeworks and I thought bloggin would be perfect. 🙂 It’s been months since I last had a set of outfit shots and I can’t wait to share this one wit yo guise (pa-swag lang haha).


Hype this look on Lookbook here.


So, I bought this top in UK (formally, a thrift shop haha) a few weeks back. The moment I laid my eyes on this, I fell in love with it in a hearbeat! Its appealing tweed-like visual texture is what makes it special; not like your ordinary loose top. This one’s also warm and comfy, just perfect for the chilly season. Also, I got this for only 60 pesos. Crazy right? :)) Such a steal.


I paired the top with a plain gray top but I opted to wear it as a dress instead.


I so love this pair of suede wedges! It has got a thick platforms in festive and complementing colors. It’s also got the peep-toe detailing which I loved the most! ❤




Photos taken by Kaila Aniqa.

Okay so my mood has been set na. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! 🙂

x, Kath

P.S. If you’re given the chance to twist your fate, would you ever take the opportunity? Or will you just be thankful enough for this roller coaster ride-like life? *just wondering*

P.P.S. I really don’t play a guitar.


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