Life’s A Jungle

I for one usually regret things right after doing them. Well I think it will cause me (and other people around me) nothing but annoyance. I would talk unendlessly about how I feel bad of being unable to do what I just SUDDENLY wanted to. This epiphany is a sudden wake-up call for me: I should be even more decisive, even in the simplest matters. My mind is a jungle. Image

Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Let’s put all the drama aside. Okay so I spent my Saturday at LSCA Fair Day 2. There were not-so-good number of booths and most of it were food stalls. (Yung totoo, food fair ba ito?) But I actually found a nice booth! It was my favorite among them all. I just hoped there were more fashion booths for various range of choices.


OMG look at my snake ear cuff!! Just in time for the year 2013! Hahahaha. I bought it at the booth I was telling your earlier. ❤ I love it to the umpleenth degree! I also bought a bow clip in yummy mustard color and headband with spikes.


I knew the weather would be crazy today so I wore my white Gap Stretch sweatshirt. And no, it didn’t felt sweaty at all. The juxtaposition of the white color and the protective sleeves had me at ease to walk around the field. I paired it with a pair of an off-blue lightweight Terranova leggings to achieve comfort at lvl 1000. =)) Topped it off with a peacock in classic long-chained necklace. Indeed, my outfit was a jungle: may snake na nga, may peacock pa!


Thanks to my ever good friend for taking my photos and being my ‘date’ for the day mwahaha. Love yow, Maine!! 🙂

x, Kath

P.S. Watch out for my DIY shirt tutorial

P.P.S. And also to my Cooking Stunts 101!! This blog is getting a good range of topics, don’t you think? lol


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