How To: Cook Chili Cheese Rolls/ Dynamite Sticks

My dad’s been craving for this and so he did the ‘grocery-ing’ himself and bought ingredients for Dynamite Sticks. I first had a taste of this back in high school, when as usual, I get home tired, hungry and all. I saw the mouthwatering view of the golden brown sticks and took a bite without inquiring the people what was inside it (due to my growling stomach). The taste was okay, although it was a bit spicy. Asking them what really it was, they fooled me telling that it was some expensive green herbs whatever. So I continued eating it ’cause I was relieved it wasn’t chili. After my 3rd stick, they finally spilled the secret: the green thing was really chili picante!!! IT WAS ASDFGHJKL spicy. -___- I realized that indeed, MIND WORKS OVER MATTER. Thinking that it was not chili wouldn’t make it spicy, thinking otherwise would make it so. HAHAHAHA. It was really a good experience to share.


So today I finally had a taste of this the second time around. This time, it was me who cooked it!! 🙂 All you need are: big green chillies, cheese, and spring roll wrapper. The process of cooking is basically easy, all you have to do is clean, stuff and wrap, then fry.

CLEAN. Before anything else, wash the chili fingers thoroughly. Image

As seen on the photo above, I gave the chili a lengthwise slit.


You see those seeds and the fleshy white thing? Scrape them off. One does not simply remove them easily. You have to use utensil (I used kucharita or teaspoon). Also, be careful when scraping them off, you don’t want the body of the chili itself to tear.


STUFF. After, fill it with cheese!! I used around 0.5 x 0.5 inch strips of pasteurized processed filled cheese spread for each chili fingers. You may use other type of cheese if you want to. You may even add some corned tuna, or corned beef! I’m thinking of putting mexican-like ground beef/pork (with spicy jalapeño and tomato sauce) next time. *drools* Do the same process with the remaining chili fingers before proceeding to the next step.


WRAP. After stuffing all the cheese inside the chillies, it’s time for wrapping!! I suggest you buy lumpia/spring roll wrapper in your nearest public market instead in the grocery. I’ve only got 20 pieces of wrapper so I was only limited to cook only 20 sticks. 😦


Tada!! So as you can see, I didn’t cut the stem off. When I wrapped the chili finger, I left the stem outside so we have a handle while eating it lol. But you can always cut it off, the step of not removing it is just my personal preference. HAHA. Continue wrapping until you create a whole bunch of ready-to-cook sticks!!


If you wish to store and cook it some other time, it is best to keep it in an air-tight container and refrigerate it so the wrapper would be able to maintain its quality.

FRY. I used canola oil for deep-frying the sticks. If you are this health-concious type of person, use olive oil.



OMG look at the oozing cheese!! ❤

That’s it for today! What do you think of this cooking tutorial? HAHAHA! Let me know! Comments are very much appreciated. 🙂

xx, Kath :*


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