Blast from the Past

Scorching hot summer in the country is felt and it, as a result, left me with no choice but stay at home all summer long. Chos. Sadyang wala lang akong mapuntahan (and some greens, may I add)The classic Kathleen likes rekindling blasts from her past (but can hardly remember them tho), so this little girl spent an hour or two reading palanca letters (which I received a year or so ago) to ease boredom somehow.

As soon as I get to finish reading ’til the last letter, I realized there is something bizarre among the letters.. Somthing, awkwardly similar. Let me share this because I really don’t know if their perception towards me still lies within me. Please help me figure this thing out, lol.

*from some letters and some relevant parts*

A super close friend o’ mine said,

“…nako sana magkaron ka ng friends! Be friendly kasi. Marami namang tulad namin kaso mahirap talaga mahanap lalo yung katulad ko.”   (lol, gals hulaan niyo kung sino ‘to =)) )

Another left a postscript/P.S. which says,

Try mo bawasan ang pagiging mataray, I’m sure mas magugustuhan ka at baka makuha ka na ng true love b^^d”    (Seriously? Mga galawan talaga oh, hahaha)

And the list goes on and on:

Medyo bawasan lang natin katarayan minsan ha? Kala kase nung iba galit ka sa kanila e.

Hi Leesh! Ikaw ‘yung tipong sa unang tingin ay parang masungit at ‘yan ang first impression ko sa’yo nung first year tayo/Pero hindi pala lahat ng first impression ay totoo.”     (at last, someone saved me from this utter humiliation! haha!)

…’wag ng maldita ah 🙂 (jk :P)

Our friends at AG (schoolmates mo rin :>) told me, nakakatakot ka daw pagnakasimangot. SMILE. 🙂 I always admire your photos SMILING. Whether you like it or not, you really need to smile.”    (Sino kayong nagsabi nun ha? Hahaha)

See? I honestly felt a little awkward when I got to read these again. Iniisip ko kung ganito pa rin ako ngayong college. lol I admit I was/(am) an introvert. Really. That thing I really wanted to just be gone.

Ciao! xx


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