Answer your call

How would you know recognize a call? How would you know if it is yours to respond? Can one really discern a call from being just O.A.? *call – like, your call to love, etc.

3:02 P.M. Antipolo Bayan, corner of Mercury Drug.

From La Salle terminal, I went straight ahead to the photocopying services (to print handouts in theo). Brisk walk. Shielding from extreme heat of the sun. Observing with keen eyes to left, right, and ahead. Normally, I would walk with my head tilted down (not always, but surely often) to avoid from falling and bruising myself.

As I walk in this manner, I saw this little kitten, about 2 or 3 weeks old, gradually taking a few leaps of walk (kahit parang natutumba-tumba siya). If we aren’t close enough, then let me tell you: I am an ailurophile (one who’s fond of cats). We (our family) have two handsome princes, Bonnie and Clyde. Them boys so spoiled to the extent na kahit wala kaming dinner one time, as long as those two babies have, okay na ‘yung dad ko. And just recently, Bonnie earned his wings (Ay? Talia Castellano peg? HAHA). He suffered from having kidney stone. I cried an ocean when he left. Sobrang nakakalungkot. But still, I am thankful enough for the two years of bliss with that bouncing baby boy (yes, bouncing. ’cause he’s so faaaat). Well I think that’s what you really call L-O-V-E. ❤

Bonnie & Clyde, August 2011.


Going back, well.. guess what I felt. Hohoho I want to adopt him!! Lalo nu’ng lumingon ulit ako to check on him again, nu’ng natumba kasi nasipa siya ng passer-by lalo kong naramdaman ‘yung sense of responsibility, na since ako lang naman (ata) ‘yung may concern sa welfare niya, I might as well take the full responsibility. After niya matumba, nilagay ko siya dun sa sidewalk na ironically, walang naglalakad dun (mga tao talaga.. shunga. Joke.)  Pero okay, I still have to consider other factors: Parents’ approval, our safety, expenses (food, etc.).

So yeah. ‘Di ko siya kinuha. Obstructions. Pero sobrang naawa ako, pa’no na lang kung ano mangyari dun. 😦 Another thing, I really can’t decipher if this is just a product of my ka-O.A.-an/ overreacting or this really is one of my calls in this lifetime: to foster homeless pets. For me, it is symbitotic relations: I earn gratification when I help pets (most esp. cats) and they likewise benefit from my loving deeds.

Gusto ko tuloy balikan ‘yung kitten. 😦 If ever makita niyo, he is small and has a brown and white fur (but brown dominates).

xx, Kath


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