The Way

Finally, an outfit post!!! *insert choir heavenly singing ‘tadaaaa~!’* LOL to that, too corny. Hehe.

Just last week, our school’s annual acquaintance party took place at St. Benilde Gymnasium of LSCA. Frosh Berde parties usually mean to strut your BEST self (without wearing sleeveless tops, dresses/skirts with beyond 3-inches-above-the-knee length, tops with spaghetti straps, short shorts and the list goes on *corny dress code**hey im not a school activist*) with accords to the theme. Derived from the traffic lights’ hue, this year’s theme is “Crossroads,” where party-goers are only allowed to wear clothes in green (for single), yellow (for it’s-complicated kind of a shiznit), and red (for those who are in a relationship). Well can you guess which color I belong? 😛 Of course, it’s red.

Image© Jonathan Juan

And of course, I am joking.

My peg for this outfit is Ariana Grande in her single, The Way. I super luuuuuuurv Ari I fangirl-ed so much that I even googled “ariana grande style,” “ariana grande hair,” “ariana grande nails,” “ariana grande full name,” “ariana grande boyfriend,” “ariana grande young,” “ariana grande outfit the way.” Oh my gosh I sounded like a psychotic stalker. HAHAHA

While most of you would’ve known her on Victorious, I discovered Ariana Grande-Butera on Soundcloud, when I was just hopping over sound recordings from one person to another. Click click click. Play play play. I stumbled upon her cover of Mariah Carey’s Emotions and my mind was blown. Her whistle register is just A+mazing!!! It’s something I can’t do when it comes to singing (and it frustrates me) so I looked up to her so much from then on. Whooopsies, this became a how-i-discovered-and-adored-ariana-grande-so-much blog post already hahaha!

What made me like her so much more is her exceptional style! She has this trademark for her sweetheart dresses, midriff tops matched with high-waist bottoms, florals, minimalist yet classy jewelry, and of course, her hair ribbon/bow. So I opted to get inspiration from her The Way outfit!

I had my nails in white, too.

I thought she was in an LBD but no! She was in separates: black sweetheart neckline top and a pair of shorts (yes i am also fooled). And just when I thought that she was wearing socks, it’s a Louboutin boots.

To follow the dress code (yung kulay lang, wala ng paki sa no-sleeveless rule haha!), I decided to go for a mint green skater skirt and a black corset. BTW, id like to thank Janna Sta. Ana for saving my feet and myself also. Alam niya na yun hihi! :*Image© Jonathan Juan

Originally, I had the signature hairstyle of Ari (high ponytail with loose few sections of hair at the bottom topped with a white lace bow). But I had so much fun partying I just had my hair create a drama/real party goer effect (charaughtera). LOL Below is a photo of the La Psalle Chorale about to perform. And my hair’s kinda fresh pa. HAHA

© Mica Alcantara

© Mon Basister

And that ends this blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you for reading!! 😉

xx, Kath

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