Heard my purr at BU 6 | Pt. 1 (The Journey)

Flower wreathed heads, feet raised by thick soled patent oxfords and lace-up booties, twirling girls in skater skirts, ensemble of sweatshirt-tartan polo-chambray; every street style you can imagine are all present at the Bloggers United 6. I swear, everyone whom I’ve laid my eyes on really are certified fashion-savvy! The juxtaposition of nervousness and excitement on me was, I guess, if you’ve read my face closely, seen while in line. I was constantly glancing at my reflection to cross-examine, for the nth time, my look. An hour or so have passed, and voila –  “Welcome to the WORLD BAZAAR FESTIVAL, featuring the BLOGGERS UNITED 6. Meet your favorite style bloggers. Shop their closet. Hoard since you’re an early bird because ‘an early bird catches the worm.’ Go gaga over the fact that you will now breathe the kind-of-the-same air as your fashion epitome does. Start your fabulous interactive shopping affair, NOW.”

The long wait was finally over.

Rewind. Rewind. Rewind.

8:45-ish AM, LRT-1 Doroteo Jose Station – OH MY GEE!! We’re a few steps away from the much awaited Bloggers United!! Okay so my good friend (Kaila) who willingly joined me through my quest we’re waiting for the train to arrive. It was my first time to ride LRT-1, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that the men and women are separated on the trip. Phew, no more possible-pervs around. But to my horrible surprise, ah grabe parang sardinas sa lata yung mga tao sa train. Dios mio por santo.

Nakakaloka talaga. There was actually a lady who really was the brink of the doorstep, like parang malalaglag na siya and the door closed habang naiipit yung arms niya!!! ‘Di ko alam if I was able to make a sound like, “OMG” or “Shit” or gasping sound. If so, di ko rin alam kung gaano kalakas. Basta ang alam ko lang, sobrang nakakaawa, kitang-kita sa mukha niya na na-hurt siya and medyo embarassed. Gusto ko nang tumawa but I can’t. And I pictured myself in her situation. And I saw myself bursting into a river of tears. :))

Tapos ayan, dumating na ‘yung second train. Well obviously pinalampas namin ‘yung first train (we dont wanna be the second batch of humiliated girls, duh) tapos eto na naman. :)) Looking at the stressful view, there was no way we can go through. At eto pa. HAHAHAHAHA. May babae na naman. Nung tumigil yung train sa station, she was leaning forward as pinto na mismo. So nung bumukas yung door, she kept her balance naman. What was funny was nung papasara na yung door, kitang-kita dun sa window yung ipit niyang sarili. As in she was just pushed insude by the door. Grabe. LRT- 1 you da bomb. =))

Then the third one came. Ayun, nag lessen naman to 2/3 (two-thirds) yung laman ng train. So kapit bisig talaga kami ni Kaila makapasok lang. And score!!! Nakasakay kami huuhuhuhuhu. 😦 Tapos nagkatinginan na lang kami: “Ano, magbbloggger’s united ka pa?,” she asked. Well.. oo naman!

So that’s the first part! The Journey. Literal na journey. Wait until the next part (the real BU part haha). Hope you enjoyed. :p

P.S. My mom told me we should’ve taken the insanely convenient 2-vehicle trip route. (Isang fx papuntang makati then bus to world trade center). But we took Antipolo Jeep, Santolan, Doroteo, some long walks in between, and a jeepney ride. HAHAHAHAHHA


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