Puss in Boots

It was a risk for me to actually don such an outfit. To be on this ensemble on a scorching hot weather (kahit December na T_T)? I didn’t mind at all! This is something I’d definitely wear on a music fest. Channeling coachella feel!


Hype this on look on Lookbook here.


I wore this last Thursday to an event at my alma mater. The first comment I’ve received about my outfit was, “Wow, ang exotic ng outfit mo, Kath!” At least, I stood out! 😛


I’ve been itching to wear that beautiful poncho ever since I got it at Bestie Konisis‘ booth at the Blogger’s United 6 (stay tuned for the part two of my adventure). The moment I laid my eyes on this in between the racks, I just knew I had to get it! Look how pretty the fringes are. I also loved how the cream color contrasts my olive skin. And since I’m a sucker for loose clothes (so as to conceal my love handles), the fabric gets an A+ from me! It’s so light, it doesn’t really give that warmth a real poncho should have. I got it for only 150 php, can you believe that?! Yes, it’s such a steal. ❤


I wore a bandeau underneath so I can optimize not only its style but its function as well! I can easily move around and be my frolicsome self without the unwanted peek-a-boos.  


I was so curious how Bestie styled the top.. and I literally googled keywords like “bestie” “konisis” “poncho.” Well, the stars aligned. I was able to find it! Next time, I would wear it that way. 🙂 But this time, I decided to wear it with a black bondage skirt. I must say, it is a staple for any girl’s closet. Pair it with a muscle tee, you’re rocking a street style kind of vibe; peplum top and structured blazer, then you’re good for going corporate-ish. LESSON: All you need are the basics and you’re free to mix and match things! It’s your style, after all!IMG_5685


And that Via Spiga boots you see there are from my beyond infinity, di-makabasag-pinggan sa pagka-good friend, Maine and Tita Precy! I was really in search of black boots, and lo and behold, they are now right in front of my very eyes. TuT Thank you so much, Tita and Maine!! I swear I’m giving this pair justice every single time I wear them. 🙂

What do you think of my look? Will Tita Precy like this kaya? Haha!

Until next time, lovies!! :*


P.S. I have new sounds on Soundcloud!! Full of Ariana Grande’s. Hihi. Speaking of A, I’ll be doing a tutorial of her half-up, half-down hairstyle, so watch out for it! 😀


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