Flannel, Feline, Flannel

Oh, to goof around is like half of my everyday self. But to be with someone as frolicsome as me? CRAZIER!!! Hahahaha



 I wore this to the Bauble Lab Headquarters while having the luxury of time to brainstorm projects for the shop with Kaila. Woah, to be handling one ain’t easy. Pero sabi nga nila, walang job na madali. All it really takes is an ample time and effort. So K and I will quit school and just focus on this. LOL!

Kidding aside, this tank top-shorts-cover up combo is a fail-proof, comfort-securing outfit. That flannel I’m wearing is actually not mine. It’s my Kuya’s. Hehe. Even the knapsack is his. Hehehehe. :))

collageHype this look on Lookbook here.


I paired this laid back look with a very classy royal blue bracelet with that Tory Burch logo I received for Christmas. Lakas maka-sosyal! Thanks Loise! You really know my style! Aaand see that wire ring? That’s is from Camille Co’s booth. HAHAHA hi Kaila HAHAHHAHA.


Say hi to our feline friend studded on my ear! I received this as a Christmas gift as well! Thanks again, K. Forever hugs and kisses!! :*

IMG_5552IMG_5555Look at how candid the photos are. LOL

IMG_5575I hope you enjoyed! Next time I’ll try having my poses more fashion bloger-esque. Hihi. Till my next post!IMG_5579xx, Kath



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