Arabian Lass

ImageIf you’re a follower of mine on Instagram (or even a Facebook friend), I’m sure you’ve seen this outfit. I wore this about a month ago, for a mock photo shoot of Thea and Ivy, the supposed characters for our film. *Side story: I got the lead role (Thea), after a couple of auditions and series of iyakan and sampalan. Hahaha! Unfortunately, we didn’t push through with that original plot, due to time constraints and all. But on the brighter side, I got the excuse to pull off such an odd and daring (when I say daring, I mean it’s out of the box, and not the connotation of being sexy lol) outfit! I’m very much satisfied on how the look turned out. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to own a turban for the longest time (since I saw Camille Co donning one), and tada! Finally, I scored this pretty headpiece at Girlshoppe for only 100 pesos. I guess I’ll have to wait ’til the weather gets cooler cuz duh, ang init kaya niyan! 



This was my first ootd that got featured on a Philippine OOTD-celebrating IG account! #ootdPinoy



If I wasn’t wearing the turban, the look would be too bland. I mean, look at my bolero. I wouldn’t even wear that on casual go-to days. I find it so manang (no offense. that’s just a personal opinion). But the turban saved it! I had all the reasons like “cuz my peg is some type of a gypsy (or even an Arabian lass) vibe!” Hehe


K bye

photo credits: Christine Loise Junio Deala


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