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Have you ever been in the most random place at a random time, pondering things? Things that, well, about life and all its pretty little shit in between. If you throw that question back at me, YUP. Sometimes on a tricycle ride going my way home, or when washing the dishes (choz). And today marks the most ridiculous setting yet to have muni-muni sessions At a debut.

CAUTION: So okay, just a little warning to y’all cuz I think this will turn out to be a sort of  diary entry. Don’t continue if you must. :))

I have attended 4 debuts (debut – traditional Filipino custom to celebrate a girl’s 18th birthday) by far in my whole life. The latest, which happened hours ago, was the best I’ve ever witnessed. There were no pretensions or anything. Everything was so natural and light and not too formal/ mandatory. The debutante was dashing, confident, and you know just cool. She remained being her natural self. ❤ Everybody has made their wishes, and nao time to parteyyyy.

The after-party took place, and me, not being a party person, waited for my friend’s sundo. By the balcony. Standing. Looking afar. Looking at the peeps binging on booze. Looking at the skyline and its lights. Focusing my sight on the laughter by the pool. Staring at the stars peeping through thick puffs of clouds. There were fucking smoke everywhere and lights which totally made me dizzy and suffocated. Gah, I need air. I need some good company. I need my friends.

At eto na… :)))) Eto na yung sinasabi kong ‘pondering’ chu chu. 

That made me thought that people who surrounds you AFFECT you. Whether you like it or not, they will. You just have to find that one or two who can keep a good company. The ones you can’t be tired of talking to, just because everything’s light and calm and swak na swak! It’s like the clique you’ve just formed with them will stay as awesome as long as forever.Then you’ll be perfectly fine. 🙂

AND THEN… it’s just exactly the same thing with your lifetime partners. 

Ngayon ko lang napagtanto, shucks. HAHA. I mean, true right? Lifetime companionship, by its mere and obvious meaning, is spending the rest of your life with someone who is: 1) Again, the one you can’t be tired of talking to; 2) The one you can’t be tired of being with; 3) and here comes the big word: the one you can’t be tired of LOVING.

This is why I finally have the conclusion that romantic relationships are best started with friendship. 🙂 Because in the thought of friendship, you are being your true, pure self to the other. Opkors pipili ka na rin lang ng friend syempre dapat you make him/her accept you wholly. Not like you pretend to be something else you’re not/ concealing stuff about yourself that you think is not good. And ayun. Dun pala nagsstart ‘yun ‘no! Ang galing, nakaka-igno.

‘Yun lang. Kthanksbye

#phenomenologyofDebut #choz #philosophyofromanticrelationshipsfromafeelingguru #nakakahiyana


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