Why I Am Afraid to Use Makeup

And yes, the title is an exaggeration. 

Before college, I don’t see any need for me to put on makeup. Not that I’m saying I have a flawless face (well if you love me you can say that, haha) – in fact, my face excretes oil more than it should; unwanted whiteheads keep on making its flamboyant appearance around my nose; having unconventional, and apparently ungroomed eyebrows (imagine the noseline part thinner than the arch area); and dark lips that seriously calls for a slide of a nude lipstick. And hell yes, I don’t bloody care!!! 

But that was then.

Reaching college, meeting different people, exposing myself to more events, I am becoming more aware of what’s there to conceal (my face) and what’s there to expose (my face). Gosh, see the irony? Hahaha! 

Right now, I’m on the verge of getting myself a BB/CC cream. Lately, I realized the perpetual necessity of having this. Following the mantra ‘To look good is to feel good’, of course one can keep up to this habit of putting makeup everyday. Pero hindi ako ‘yan. 

MAYBE at first I’d bear this supposed everyday routine. Then people will get used to how I look. Then I’ll get used to it, too. Everyone will. But what if one day I decide to take a break, ditch the makeup, and look entirely different from what I used to?

funny-image-884 (1)

I experienced that myself – to be in awe of the wonders of what makeup can do to people after I saw a classmate looking dreadful without it. And it’s just from there that I realized that I’ve been fooled by the layers of colorete.

And I don’t want to be called dreadful.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t religiously feed my face with makeup. That is why I don’t commit myself to something uncertain and inconsistent. I am terribly afraid of what’s there to come after this shortcoming– after breaking the streak of continuous bliss. 

All risk-requiring things must involve persistence.  Panindigan mo kung anong pinasok mo. Tanggapin mo lahat ng pwedeng ibato sa’yo kahit masakit. #abamayhugotsamakeup 

I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST those who live and breathe and can’t leave the house without the makeup. I mean, these are forms of innovations that have greatly helped the women of the past generations and even us, the generation Y, to satisfy physiological and psychological needs. It’s great to see how this industry has flourished over the years. So, go on and utilize what this world has got to give, for as long as being tactful and mindful goes along. 

I don’t know why I am even making a commotion about makeup at this hour.


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