Put Your Hearts Up

A lot of things had happened to me for the past two days– I can’t even decide which among those I should talk about. I mean, there was just too plenty! My ideas were branching out and out into a longer and somewhat irrelevant (but still sensible though) thought. I even thought of having this blog entry about this dilemma I’m currently in.

To keep this short and sweet, let me introduce to you a new-found friend.

So there! We met this little butterfly while having our break from a 3-hour class. I braved the risk of being harmed (just in case it can) and held it!

It sat still for a moment. I find it amusing to see it up close and observe its felt-like wings, and feel its feet while it crawled from my index finger to my palm. 🙂

I don’t know, but this kind of little thing makes me giddy in a way. Haha!

It didn’t flew away until I finally stood up from my seat. Maybe it got the cue we should part ways already! Buti pa ‘yung butterfly, sensitive.

How I watched the butterfly go the distance, it reminded me of the first part of the music video of Put Your Hearts Up song by Ariana Grande (hence the title).

*Special thanks to Aniqa Canlas for the photos! 🙂


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