We were tasked to report about the Critical Theory in our Organizational Communication subject. It said that an organization must look forward for equality and, “identify communication practices in the organization that are oppressive, and to work towards eliminating these practices.” Therefore, emancipation comes along.


verb \i-ˈman(t)-sə-ˌpāt\

: to free (someone) from someone else’s control or power

If you ask me, I agree to what the critical theorists advocate. In my opinion, for an organization to work, equality among expression of thoughts is an important factor. A boss can’t take his subordinates literally SUBORDINATES, like, to the extent that their ideas are considered as somewhat less important. 

I thought this can also apply to relationships (generally speaking). But for this instance, I’d like to micro-analyze this part on romantic relationships. 

For two people to actually work their 2-man bliss filled, emotion tingling, heart fluttering organization, Critical Theory should apply as well. Members of the organization should freely share their thoughts, speak up, to execute the upheld values and achieve the goal. Those two people should know the goal of the relationship in the first place-  what is it for and why are they pursuing it. I think this is THE CORE of all the cores. It’s comparable to the Vision-Mission of an organization. 😛

Once the goal is identified, next step is to know the nature of things. Know the members of the org, know your partner. From there, you can proceed to what kind of attitude you must exude in order to create a unique culture with him/her. One must not be dominant nor submissive to the other. That way, things are balanced and smooth-sailing. And you and your lovey are happy. 🙂 That’s why emancipation of thoughts is important. 🙂

P.S. Why did this came to me? I don’t know, too.

P.P.S. Can I now pass as Ramona Bautista?


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