Workin’ It

Finally, I found the time to actually workout my bod, even for at least 30 minutes! What suddenly urged me to do so? Well..

For the past 2 years and a few months, I’ve been trekking on the uphill slopes of school and I just find myself catching my breath when I reach the end point (classroom). Every time I do that, I just feel weak. But I didn’t do anything to lessen that until lately, when I just felt that my knees and calves seems to be giving up. There was an instance or two where I can barely feel my knees, and think like its joints would collapse anytime. It totally scared the hell out of me. :/ 

Poof! Then there came THE epiphany.

I maximized the half-day schedule yesterday, I did some physical fitness check up and some basic stretching. Mind you, a stretching routine that’s soooo grade school. Remember how your P.E. instructor back then mandates you to turn your head left-front-right and vice versa, then tilt your head up-side-down, in clockwise and counterclockise manner? Then forces you to put your hands on your hips and revolve it like making an orbit? I do– and I hated every single second of it. It seemed so pointless, says the youngster Kath. But here she is now, giving herself a well-deserved pat on back everytime she does a full body stretching. 

Not only that, I also did Hip Hop Abs, which was basically 99% responsible for all the body aches I have today (1% comes from the basic stretching, hihi). Hip Hop Abs is actually a DVD workout program. It doesn’t require you to sit-up, do crunches, and all that boring stuff. IT REQUIRES DANCING SKILLZ. Okay, kidding. It doesn’t require the skill, but just the mere capacity to catch up and be able to follow the dance steps PROPERLY. 🙂 Apparently, I did so. My body ache’s a proof.

I can’t find the CD, so I relied on the good ol’ YouTube. 😉 And I swear that every second of my dancing and the post dancing was… completely.. golden. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just can’t think of any more grandeur term to describe the bittersweet satisfaction from this painful workout. It’s like, the more I feel the pain, the more I feel strong! The thirty minutes isn’t that much, but progress is still progress, right? It means that, I’m getting there. At least, I am aware of what’s to be done and I have already started doing something. Can I just say that I’m proud of myself? I mean, this is something victorious for me considering the fact that I’m such a bum of couch potato-ing, 

How about you? Have you already taken a huge leap for yourself? 🙂 


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