You’re Interesting. I like you. :)

When interests are turned into passion, it can create something fruitful.

This is what I told my mom when I asked for a guitar. Hahaha! Sounds empowering, right? No? Okay. 

One thing I want to tick off my bucket list is to be able to perform for huge crowd with my decent sounding voice and a guitar. I think it is innate that I just love to sing. I remember myself back then (I was roughly 4 years old) putting random melody to random, self-made, nonsense lyrics. The lyrics aren’t even words! It was all really made up. It went somewhat like: furla-dee-doo la-she-so-fee-kaaaa oh-kene-too-alobriyayaa. Well, not as exact as that, but I guess you know what I’m trying to point out.

So from there, my mom said that I really had the potential.

I officially started when I was 6, I enrolled at some voice enhancing program. From there, I experienced my first performance on stage. But I never did this at school. I was too shy and nah-I-just-don’t-want-to-do-it phase before I was pushed to compete at school! MY FIRST EVER. This time, I was already 10. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how I got convinced but I think it’s the flattery that got me. I was getting all the support even from classmates I’m not close with. 

Yay, I won the 1st place.

Then a few months later, I enrolled at Center for Pop Music Philippines not only for voice lessons, also for stage deportment. Those sessions trained me to not ever -as in ever- lick my lips while singing. It has been really hard for me, though. The program also let us have our recital at the end and apply all things that we have learned through the course. 

When I reached high school, there was never a year that I failed to render songs in culminating activities. I never got a coveted spot at the academic topnotchers list, but for consecutive years I was hailed as the Most Talented. (I was actually wondering why “Most Talented,” when all I do is just sing. It’s not like I also dance, or do impromptu speaking, or do ventriloquy.)

I’m wondering when can I put so much effort on cinematography and fashion design and constructing as well (cuz those are my other interests). I wonder where these little interests will take me. Or maybe I’m really destined to be on the completely opposite path? Nonetheless, I just hope for the best. 


A throwback photo to when we had a random shoot. Props to Kaila the photo! 

There’s so much to do yet so much lack for resources. Ugh.


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