Annyeong, K-series!

I’m currently getting the hang of literally binge watching this K-drama entitled, “I Hear Your Voice.” Eight more episodes ’til I can start another Korean TV series. Haha! Kidding aside, this K-drama will surely be a great hit in the Philippine television as much as My Love From the Star has been. Actually, I’m not much of a fan of all things Korean, TV series included. But because I happen to get a little sneak peek of some of the aired episodes on TV, I have been constantly getting hooked. Admittedly, I end up finishing ahead via online streaming (thanks,!) 

Hence, the current addiction of mine to date: I Hear Your Voice. 

I, for one, can say that Korean movies and series have this outstanding storyline. They can make plots with simple rags-to-riches story to girl-meets-alien lover (ehem, Do Min Joon-shi!). Although very fictitious, they can make it so light, funny, and (the most exciting bonus of all) informative! ]

Because I Hear Your Voice is a courtroom drama, I was able to distinguish the roles of the lawyer, prosecutor, judge, and jury? (I know, I know. Too naive, so please don’t judge too hard that I didn’t know those ‘legal’ personae). I find it really interesting as it shows how to do a hearing in a court, thus, there is a debate, rebuttal, and all that. It’s very timely that we have Communication Media Laws & Ethics subject; I get to have an overview of what reasoning in the court should be. The most important thing, as I’ve picked up from it, is the vitality of evidence. Whether it is circumstantial evidence or direct evidence, as long as it is something that can prove ones innocence, then the defendant may plead not guilty to the court. 

Although this has a mix of romantic comedy, the courtroom genre apparently has caught most of interest. 

Blah. I’m saying a lot now. Well just to wrap it all, I suggest you watch this K-drama!! Here’s the link!

Anyeonghi jumuseyo! 🙂



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