Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

Now, just imagine a 30-thousand heap of clothes from top brands served in front of you, all of which – just like a buffet – are segregated from appetizer to the main course. And again, just like a buffet, you serve yourself – hoard to your heart’s content (or how much your plate can handle).

Lo and behold, you don’t just have to imagine the scenario. Pretty Penny Productions is materializing the Clothes Buffet Manila! Yes you read that right- buffet of clothes. Now. Here. In. Manila. I, for one, can say that this is the most exciting shopping concept yet! How do I say so? Read on!

Basically, their cardinal rule is to simply pick it, zip it, and keep it. No questions asked, they say.

photo from clothesbuffetmanila.com

Let’s do an elaboration for that matter. The ‘pick it’ part is easy, you just have to seize 15 minutes to get everything you like. But the catch is (AND THE REAL DEAL) is the ‘zip it.’ Customers will be given a 33 x 23 cm ziplock bag to stuff all their picks. It’s a matter of skills in strategic folding, guys! This can really be pressuring (considering the time, space, and the MASSIVE variety of options), so the customer must also really have mastered the art of not panicking. Haha! And the best part is to go home and keep whatever you were able to fit in the bag! 

Photo from clothesbuffetmanila.com;



30,000 is definitely a huge number, so it’s a good thing they segregated them according to different themes: Girl’s Night Out, Festival Madness, and Smart Chic! It’s not gonna be so hard to find the style that a customer wants. 😉

photo from clothesmanilabuffet.com
photo from clothesmanilabuffet.com

Head on now to Clothes Buffet Manila to book for a ticket and devour the delectable clothes now! 

P.S. Are you gonna get hoard-now-regret-later picks or the painstakingly smart choices? It’s best to balance the quantity and quality! This is where your prioritizing gonna be put to a test. 😉 



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