12:57 am

Forcibly making myself to be sleepy, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and kill time. For 2 hours of lying down the cushions, I stayed wide awake until I felt the dozing effect of prolonging over the phone. Ah, finally I can put myself to a sound slumber.

1:15 am

‘Yup, may homework na ‘ko sa Publications Writing. Buti na lang natapos ko yung article in time kahit last minute na.’

‘Sunod na subject, Technical Writing. Ano nga bang gagawin bukas dun…’

‘Ay shoot! !@#$%^ ‘

Then it came to me that my group is assigned to report TODAY, and we haven’t done anything yet. My goodness gracious, I just wanted to sulk earlier. 😦 5 glorious days of vacation- I have all the 120 hours to do all I need to accomplish and yet, I haven’t done this thing WHICH IS DUE TODAY.

What’s a girl to do?

1:19 am

I stormed immediately to the couch, got the laptop, and started researching. I do feel bad about this shortcoming. I really do. I wanted reflect to what happened over the past 5 days and why on earth I forgot to do this. But I ain’t got time for that! I am running out of time, and my class starts in 7 hours.

To make up for myself, I made sure that the PowerPoint presentation will seem presentable despite the drowsiness I’m in.

2:45 am

Woohoo, I’m now down to the Formats of a Business Letter, the last part. I just need to put some sort of interactivity between the class and the presentation. Last slide presents, “Which is which?” where modified block, block format, and semi-block is shown. 🙂

3:02 am

It’s bedtime!! FINALLY.


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