My Epitome

Being such a devout Arianator, I surprisingly participated in the fan-gathering event to celebrate the release of her sophomore album My Everything. Truth be told, I’m not the kind who’s actually gonna spend time and money to “celebrate” a mainstream artist. BUT THIS IS ARIANA GRANDE’S SO I HAD TO GO. I’m not really sure how this admiration for her became this strong. Maybe it’s because her name and music wasn’t mainstream when I first heard of her. That nouvelle hit made me so much hooked, and I still get the hang of it (and I think I will never let go of it).


Okay so I was beyond ecstatic when I received an email from the organizers saying I’ll be one of the performers for the event! Woohoo! I get to meet my fellow Arianators + I get to perform! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, eh? 🙂

It was so timely that before I went to Megamall, I saw Ariana Grande on TV, set to perform on Today Show. OMG, it felt like a match made in heaven. She was about to perform and I was about to perform too. LOL


Stills of her performance on Today Show! 🙂

So yeah, before heading straight to the venue of the event which was Astroplus, my mom and I went to The Face Shop first and bought a CC cream. And I also had my makeup done there to appear more than okay in front of the crowd, hehe.


 Yay! I bought the album first (whose receipt shall serve as my ticket to join the event itself). On the photo above, I was wearing an asymmetrical skirt and ankle strap pumps with chunky heel. It was a bad decision. A really, really bad one. It didn’t came to me that I’ll be with kiddos around 10-16 years old. 😦 I actually thought of meeting ladies who’d look more like Ari and shares the same sentiments with me toward our epitome of beauty, fashion, and music but… there were kids. With their moms. OMG. So I changed into pants again. I suddenly felt overdressed.

10639495_710943358942318_8599556369522234572_n 10606318_10201654417600778_2955424964158684289_n

I sang some snippets from her My Everything.


Group photo!

So… I had so much epiphanies on that day. I don’t want to speak anything defamatory against the organizers as well as the sponsors for this #TotalArianaLive! but the event was really… meh. I don’t know about the kids but to me it wasn’t fun at all (or maybe I’m just getting older :O). Hosts were so bland and boring and the games were… yeah. A hell of a bore. And mind you, we kinda competed and how was the winner picked? Loudest clap/cheer. And I only got my mom (who did not clap for me for the ‘voting’ hahahahaha) so apparently the girl who brought a ton of friends with her won. And I must admit she should win, her voice was totally epic. I just wished for a duly decision making on that part. It really felt such a waste. #ihatelosing 😦

It kinda makes me sad that this seems to be a petty thing to rant over but here I am taking it all seriously. I’m really getting old for crap.

So I told myself to just fangirl without any attachments to any commercial/business affiliates. Gosh, it felt like they wasted my 495 pesos when I already I have the digitized album. I hope next time they make events like this more fun and not apparently disingenuous. Halatang puro pera lang. (Hey this is not libelous huh! There’s no personal ill-will or spite, just a fair and true report of something that is not confidential. Therefore, malice is not presumed. LOL)

But I will still love Ari no matter what. ❤


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