Comm Guild’s SBMA Sponsorship

Yesterday, it was our org’s turn to do the sponsorship for this month’s SBMA program.

Tasked by the org president to facilitate the sponsorship on the day itself, I was really clueless on what SBMA is, aside from the little tidbit he gave: all we have to do is feed the children.

Actually, SBMA stands for Saint Brother Miguel Academy. Named after the saint whose values is to teach children, it is a program aiming to educate kids from poor families. La Salle College Antipolo does this since year 2003, where every month, they bring some kids to school to impart basic knowledge with them. This year’s batch is spearheaded by Sir Leo Lim (though I’m not sure if he was in-charge for the previous SBMAs) together with his students from Basic Education Unit. I thank Sir Leo for quenching my curiosity! 🙂

Comm Guild is the sponsor for the month of September (I heard BSBA was last month’s sponsor). Our VP for Finance coordinated with Ate Grace, the awesome woman behind the yummy ghetto grub (lugaw, pansit, isaw, tokneneng, kwek kwek, siomai, burger, etc.) found at the gateway! Actually I was hoping for lugaw but…



Photos from Loise

There were around 80 kids, and we prepared 100 8 oz. plastic cups with pancit. After the whole serving, we were left with roughly half cauldron (kaldero). The kids were so game with Round 2 ’til Round 3! I just hoped that the line was facilitated by the BEU students because seriously, IT WAS CHAOTIC. I felt bad for those who patiently lined up but ended up getting none. :< May mga sumisinigt kasi tsk tsk. Out of the blue, I told Loise, “‘Pag mayaman na ‘ko, gusto ko rin magpa-ganito. Dalawang kaldero ‘yan sa ochentang mga bata.” Rak.

I’m telling you, it was tiring. Bending your arms for what seemed like an hour is not easy.

After the event, Loise and I met the students as they were about to leave. We waved bye at them, of course. 🙂 But there was this little one who was frolicking around the field, perhaps enjoying the vastness of the green grass, and suddenly came up to us. I was surprised with what he did. He, with both of his little hands, grabbed our right hand (Loise first then me) and shook it while saying “Thank you.” Nothing can compare to the feeling I felt on that very moment.

I want to do this again. 🙂

Thank you Jonathan Juan for the opportunity!


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