My Everyday Skin Care Regimen

I’m not the best person to be sharing this kind of topic; there are a lot who spends more time and dedication in facial care than I do! To be honest, I used to be scolded by my mom for waking up and then going to bed without even bothering to splash a bit of a water to my face. But now, I already know how important it is to take care of my skin, to the utmost consideration of the weather our country has. #AngPilipinasAyIsangMalakingPugonIMG_20140912_192518

Tada! I follow the cardinal rule cleanse-tone-moisturize, so basically there should only be just three products. Latter products will be discussed later so read on if you want to know! 🙂


1) Aura Swiss Apple Soap. Actually, I can ditch all the latter products for this one. This contains Argan Oil, one of the most sought after raw ingredient in beauty products today for its undoubtedly beneficial properties. When I use this, my face feels more balanced (not too dry nor too oily) so I feel like I’m good to go. By the way, it’s also important that you know your skin type (whether dry, oily, combination, or sensitive) before religiously using any soap so that you can weigh which complements your skin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin.


2) Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner with Tomato Extract. After cleansing my face with soap, I make it to a point to use a toner to remove the deep-seated dirt. I use this most especially around my nose (where all the whitehead and blackheads dwell haha). Four thumbs up (including those on my feet) for this Human Nature toner because, surprisingly, unlike other toners, it is not stingy! The no-harmful-chemicals formula explains why.


3) Aura Hydrating Mist. I only use this when my face feels so dry. This is totally optional for my case, as this promotes more moisture. Natural oils from my face are adequate enough. But they say that this is vital before using primer/foundation.


4) Face It CC Cream by The Face Shop. Now that the cleanse-tone-moisturize has ended, this is the step to coverage! Well.. err… I’m proud to say there’s not much acne to conceal on my face, but this CC cream is the bomb diggity! Basically, this can be a primer or the base of your makeup. “This keeps your morning make up intact without any darkening,” the packaging says. And it’s not lying! Although I don’t use more makeup beyond this, this really keeps the consistency of the color and glow of my face all throughout the day. 🙂 What I like more about this is that it appears to a compact powder/mirror but it really contains cream! How? You have to press that button at the bottom part and the cream will pumped out of the hole right in the middle. Do you get what I’m saying? Haha! Google “CC cream aura the face shop.” Hehe


5) Johnson’s Baby Powder. Lo and behold, here is the staple among all the staples in makeup. My foundation in preschool, my eyeshadow in elementary, and my all around best friend in high school. But lately, it gets too flaky to my skin so I stopped using it by itself. I only use this now to help mattify my dewy skin from the CC cream. Just a dash on my palm and light pats on the cheeks, then I’m ready to go. 🙂

This is the full routine that I do when I go to school but on the days when I have to just stay at home, the process stops at number 2.



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