Close the Door When You Leave

You came here uninvited
Barged in as if I wanted
Of all places, why here
You said no word that I can hear
Odd, you are
Your locks, bizarre
You gaze, I blink
To your voice, I sync
Sheer fleeting feeling
Confuses me so much
All the bliss, it makes me scream
my heart out loud, it’s so surreal
Was afraid, but risked
to anything you gave that scared me
But surely, it was pure bliss
that I, for one, don’t want to ever miss
From the faux rose I should have known
there was nothing I should own
But could you, at least, just let me know
Everything I must so you don’t owe
Please close the door when you leave
So I know when I should stop to believe
I don’t have to guess why
Why I shouldn’t cry

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