There’s No Place Like Home


And not to mention, Ariana Grande.

It’s funny how a person can get when idolizing someone so much. The photo above reminded me of that certain night when I was outside to buy stuff. I just glanced up the bright, sparkly moon with the rich color of its golden craters. I stared too long to that beauty, and then my mind went like, “OMG, Ariana Grande and I might have been seeing the same beauty of the moon! We’re under the same moon; under the same sky.”

We are no different from celebrities, artists, presidents, multi-billionaires, technology innovators, and all the huge names in different industries. We all breathe the same air. Adversities, both by nature and by man, have been dragging us all people in the Earth down. We may not feel it, but as it progresses over time, we might be shocked by the drastic changes.

Beyond the risks of global warming, the war happening, the battle to the ownership of territories, and all sorts of adversities, we must try to reflect on the effect of man’s action, even the littlest ones. Are the things that most of us do worthy of our time? Is taking selfies helping to stop the war in Libya? Does gaining likes and followers in Instagram feed the growling stomachs of those who are hungry?

We are no different from the huge names in different industries. Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to contribute in making our world a better place to live in. Yes, this generation is lucky to have been introduced to the innovative smartphones and social media. We cannot deny its massive contribution to everyone’s convenience. Even so, I honestly think only wise people should be qualified to use it— those who are wise enough to know what’s worthwhile and what’s not.

Let’s use the CONVENIENCE of social media. Let’s take these little steps. Let’s spread the word of change. Consider this as a payment because we have been welcome in the Earth to dwell. Let’s not take it for granted and let the next generation of people savor the goodness of ‘home.’


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