I must say: it’s not an easy thing to force yourself to do things you don’t like. Some will simply not give a damn about it, but there are others who pushes their limits to the best of their ability. The question now for the latter is, “What drives him to do so?”

We all have our personal reasons why we continue doing things that we do. It may be a personal goal (either a long term or short term), a job that pays – not to mention, can provide mundane needs, or a school requirement that gets you a high grade. Beyond all this, we’re all coming from else place that reminds us to go further and further until the point is reached.

It can be tiring at some point, but who cares? You’re not there yet.

Here’s a shoutout to all people who works hard for their goal: I SALUTE YOU!

I kinda salute myself as well. Huhu


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