Dad and Technology

As I am typing this, I just got from a short but pain-in-the-ass sermon. Earlier, I took a short break from typing a magazine article, and decided to lay my eyes on the bright screen again after a while to do two more blog entries and finish my project proposal. And then as I did, my dad furiously reproached me for prioritizing my choice to use the computer than fold the from-the-laundry clothes (I know, a petty thing).

It felt bad.

But it got me thinking why being on computer is always associated to leisurely stuff?

I had an instantaneous answer. It is because the person who thought so (ehem, dad) doesn’t understand how progressive and versatile technology can be. He, as a user of this novel innovation, sees comfort when using the computer. He thought that I also spend 100% of my downtime browsing through other people’s lives, gaming, and gushing over pretty things at fashion portals, but darn. This moment is so crucial that I can afford to waste no time. I have so many things to do but I’m misinterpreted.

I would’ve explained myself to him but it’s going to consume up all my energy, and might end up unable to write anything for today.

So I thank my dad for this.


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