DV Beauty Therapy

*Warning: This partly contains another Ariana Grande admiration session. Read at your own risk. 

Part of my everyday routine is to digest all-and-new things Ariana. One of those typical days was I knew about the pinkish nude lipstick shade she sports, which I’ve been wanting to wear as well!

Then I promised to get myself that Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick one day.

But being my keen self, I scoured for some local blog reviews for this lipstick. I found a review from a beauty blog called The Misty Mom. Hours later, I found myself not stopping reading through the archives of the blog. I am admittedly confused of some jargon only true-blue beauty junkies would understand, albeit I enjoyed learning new words and, not to mention, makeup tips! After what felt like 4 dozens of blog posts, I bumped into a blog post of hers inviting her readers for #DVbeautytherapy, a hair and makeup workshop for FREE!

And so I registered!

Days later I received an email confirming my admission (yipee!), and just last Saturday, I met the blogger behind The Misty Mom, Shari at The List Salon at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Too bad we didn’t have a photo together! But I swear, she’s got this charming face and petite body frame you can’t tell she’s already a mom.

Anyway, that Saturday was definitely one to remember! My thirst over makeup musings were quenched! Mikki Galang, another beauty blogger who graced the event, wittingly explained her tips in application of makeup. (I won’t bombard you anyway with the specifics of what I learned, that’s pretty much gonna be for a separate post.)

At the latter part of the event, we were parted into three groups (with 3 members each) and applied what we’ve learned from the workshop. We got to play with some of Shu Uemura’s products and D&V Hairpieces’ extensions! Since I’m the only one who was barefaced in our team, they decided to have me as their model. Ms. Avon, my lovely teammate, said that my face doesn’t need that much contouring anymore because it already has its natural depth, just like that of a model’s. (You can’t tell how much kilig I felt, my face was so stoic but my heart pounded like crazy HAHAHA).


There’s Shari on the far right in white! ❤ Misty mom is pretty mom. Oh, there’s Ate SM who went also! She’s a schoolmate from La Salle, and a crazy participant for anything online contests. Hahaha, you can spot her on the right side of the frame. Like, that frame.


With Ms. Diana of D&V Hairpieces! She’s so gorgeous that I want to steal her blond hair and her purple streak. Just kidding! 🙂


The loot we got from D&V Hairpieces! I scored blond hair streaks, which I’ll definitely use on casual days. You better watch out for it, haha! Also, we got some sachets of sample creams and oils from Shu Uemura.

To all those who organized the event, thank you!

I can’t wait for another workshop (with the mad gal SM).


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