5 things that can always make me happy

Helpless- it is what i feel whenever I’m down.I have no idea how  toput myself up. I tend to just sulk and cringe for not making up for it.

So now I’m making this list to always remind me of the blissful things that will keep me sane and happy. Here goes!

1) KFC Hot Shots. Ever since, I’m a fried-chicken-kind of person. And this delectable box o’ chicken is no exception. What I like the most about this is: 1) it’s fillet; 2) it’s crispy; 3) yet tender and; 4) it’s spicy! Spice + chicken = best combo ever.

2) Clothes. More and more clothes. I love to dress up, and I don’t like wearing the same outfit that I’ve already donned, so having a haul of clothes is a good breather for me every once in a while.

3) Cats. I don’t what this is, but I have this certain connection and affection for cats. Call me a crazy cat lady, I don’t care. Growing old with them is much preferable than having a guy in my life.

4) Le papa. He’s the burning light to my candle; the cheezy clown when I’m down; my source of each and every nail polish; my cash dispenser; my go-to prepaid loader; my food stock clerk; my loving father; my everything. He’s my favorite person in the wild wide world.

5) Smile. Anyone’s genuine smile, even a stranger’s, can really make my day. It feels good that that person radiates his happiness to you through a simple gesture. To get this more often, smile at as many people you can and mostly you get a smile back. 🙂 🙂

*Photo directly links to their source except number 4.


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