Archerspeak Shoot


Sharing with you guys a bunch of raw photos from our class’ online magazine! I personally love how the photos turned out for this shoot. All the members of the editorial board had their shots taken, including mine. 1911782_10205035252702417_1225077630227473741_nWe were asked to write a short, quirky description about ourselves. To tell you honestly, mine sounded like bragging. LOL I just wanted to break away from the usual format “She + linking verb + predicate nominative/ predicate adjective.” Like, she is a singer, and she is a girl on fire and whatnot. Ew. 

10292236_10205035254542463_65780088199088724_n 10628464_10205035257742543_7054213334616543224_nSo I put this way: “Kath Mendoza likes to think that she a Jill of all trades. But in reality, she’s just a regular girl- with a cherry on top.”

lol idk.

But all above this, what I’m most ecstatic about is how this online magazine will turn out! I cannot wait to share with you guys the content our team (the lifestyle team) will be producing. Mine will focus on fashion and beauty, and what more can be thrilling than that?


Just a little tidbit: these are taken just at one of the school’s halls with awesome light registry- thanks to the huge windows and its placement. I’m proud to say there are no artificial light produced in the shoot. Hands down to Aniqa for discovering this school’s spot’s potential.


P.S. Take these photos as nothing serious. You see, I was really having fun posing away, whether it looks lame or not. 😛



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