Minimalist Chic

On Thursdays, wearing corporate attire in our school is mandatory.
I asked my very good friend (Maine) to snap a few photos of my outfit for Instagram purposes, but I thought I would share with you the whole bunch of photos. 😜


My outfit depends on my mood, or if I have a new clothing that I just I have to don. E.g. That white top.


New clothes = new sartorial possibilities! Needless to say, I for one perpetually feel enthralled with ~clothes~. (Now I feel like a person of superficial judgment.) You see, this top has the most ornate texture, which I wish I had taken a photo of but did not. Added to that is it’s full-sleeved, with the power-dressing vibe I am aiming for.


Although the immaculately white top looks fancy schmancy, I had to shell out only 60 pesos for it! I bought it at Taytay Tiangge, where every garment is priced ridiculously low. Hit me up if you’re game for some shopping spree at Taytay Tiangge! 😉 (Tweet me at @katalinamendo_)


Finished the ensemble with a pair of kitten-heeled pumps.

To be honest, this Thursday thing makes me excited about the day in general. The challenge of dressing up in a conservative Catholic school while still living up to your personal style stirs my mood.

Question: Do you think I should I regularly document my Thursday-corpo day OOTDs? Let me know please, I would love to hear from you (tweet me, snapchat me, whatever)


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