There are two types of people: the dog person and the cat person. I chose to be the latter. Or should I say, the cat lyf chose me.

It is not unknown that I have the greatest love for cats. I’ve blogged about it here, here, here, and here. My Facebook mostly contains, if not things about Ariana Grande, cats.

So one fine evening, I got a message from my uncle…


Boy, was I squealing in delight! His friend is giving away one cat because she owns too many of them already. Of course I had to ask for my parents’ permission first because owning another cat means more responsibilities (and poop to clean up). If I were living in my own space, I would say yes in an instant.

I was sent this and I showed it to my mother. She gave her nod with an “AWWW!”

But really, aww!


So a few days later, Carlo (my brother) and I picked her up at SM Manila.


We met up with Tito Bembol/Leo and unexpectedly together with him is my cuzzie, Gabo! 🙂 So happy to meet them again. And of course… to bring into my loving arms this little furball!

Ashley is this kitty’s name, and I don’t plan on changing that. It’s a symbol that she was once from a kindhearted, cat-loving person who named her that. I am blessed with her, and I vow to keep her safe, healthy, and happy in our humble home! ❤


So far, this 4-month-old baby has been doing well! The family is always entertained by her crazy antics (e.g. catching her tail ’round and ’round, pouncing on random things, leaping high when we use cat teaser for her). It’s nice to get a kitten again after so long. Well, we do have 4-year-old Clyde but he isn’t as playful as he was when he was little.

I snapped a few photos of her using my phone. She’s also Instagrammable, lol. (I guess anything against a white wall is IG-worthy haha)


She’s a great selfie prop, too! 😛  Just kidding! I was doing my makeup when she started to cuddle. So bam, #ANTM.


Let me thank my Tito Bembol of having me in his thoughts as he searched for a rightful parent for this one. Beyond grateful.



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